Endless Ocean review by Boomtown

Boomtown - Mike Bowden, Monday, January 14th, 2008:

"Endless Ocean is admittedly not for everybody, 'niche titles' like this never will be [hence the classification – Ed]. But even if you're falling asleep whilst reading this review just do me this one favour before you finally dose off: one day, when you see it cheap, lying forgotten in some rusty old bargain bin in a dark corner of your local indie where the fluorescent light needs fixing and it smells of old cat, pick it up and try it out. It will be unlike any game you've ever played. That isn't necessarily a mark of quality on its own, but what it does mean is that it's something worth experiencing even if you end up coming to the conclusion that it isn't for you, your gaming perspective will have been broadened."


• Graphics: 8 - Some of the best you'll see on the Wii to date. Simple but very effective.

• Durability: 9 - There are simply hours and hours in this game.

• Sound: 8 - Atmospheric and relaxing, which is indicative of the game itself.

• Gameplay: 8 - Delightfully simple.

• Overall: 8

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wiizy4665d ago

have to check this game out