Japanese put games before price

A survey of 3,422 Japanese gamers showed that they care more about a console's game library than its price, while the cheaper Nintendo platforms come out on top in ownership.

Forty-three percent of the gamers surveyed on Japanese website said that the top reason to pick a console was "because it's compatible with the games they absolutely want to play," according to a report on Dow Jones Newswire.

Forty-three percent also said they wanted to buy the "most talked about console," while just 6 percent said price is the biggest factor in choosing a console.

One quarter of respondents said they owned a Wii, while another quarter said they owned a DS. Ten percent owned a PlayStation 3, 10 percent owned a PSP and just 3 percent owned an Xbox 360.

Potential future ownership is a closer race, however, as 28 percent of respondents said they hoped to buy a Wii next, and 27 percent were eyeing a PS3 down the line.

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Relcom4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

a worldwide opinion. After all, didn't we buy these consoles to have FUN playing GAMES?

ravinash4669d ago

I think you be right.
I mean, hopefully you only need to pay for the console once, and then enjoy. Once you have it, who cares what it costs as long as you enjoy the games.

pornflakes4668d ago

10% own a PS3 and 3% a xbox 360.. thats 3:1 ratio

cool, the same in the USA but the xbox dominates there 3:1

But xbox360 is dead in Japan right? So whats with the PS3 in NA? ;)

Lumbo4668d ago

funny how you completely left out the aspect of time ...

10% in half the time compared to 3% = 10% vs 1.5% = 20:3

1:3 compared to 2* the time results in 2:3 ratio.

20:3 in japan
2:3 in the US

now feel free to compare (PS: yes, the US market is bigger than the japanese one)
be my guest