IGN: Dust 514, the Deepest FPS You’ve Ever Played

IGN writes, "Have you ever heard of EVE Online? It’s perhaps the deepest and most ardently-played MMORPG in existence, one that consistently grows in membership year after year as most other MMOs around it shrivel up and fall to the wayside. With hundreds of thousands of exceptionally-immersed players taking part in the ever-expanding story of EVE Online, Icelandic developer CCP stumbled onto a veritable goldmine not only in the most literal of monetary terms, but also in terms of how to properly run a world (well, a galaxy) where every single thing that happens intimately intersects."

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JaredH3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

This game sounds like it's going to be really unique and awesome. The fact that the dev team is worried about weapon and item prices becoming inflated by the EVE community just sounds so cool, even if it becomes a problem. No two games have influenced each other so directly.

Emilio_Estevez3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

The amount of content in it already is absurd. No other FPS I've ever played even comes close.

I didn't know former DICE guys were working on it.

abzdine3421d ago

this game looks promising.

Zha1tan3421d ago

I really hope this game does not fall flat on its face, but sales wise I cant see that many people buying into it because it does not have the best presentation which is a given due to the size of the game but try telling that to the average gamer these days.

Games4M - Rob3421d ago

I dont think sales will be a problem seeing as the game is going to be free on PSN.

Zha1tan3421d ago

Actually that is true I forgot about that, but then I hope it has a constant community base.

Bolts3421d ago

Too bad console gamers are an inch deep. We're talking about a gaming populace who are mostly into CoD and Halo here.

Seeing how the PS3's last "deep" FPS was MAG, and it died due to lack of interest, releasing a shooter tied to a PC's most complex MMO seems like a bad idea.

GamingPerson3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

No one has seen planetside 2(2000 player game) battles are 24/7! no matches. I wish it had a tv ad. :( but then again that is only for the pc gamers.

Blastoise3421d ago

You can still get into 200 player matches of MAG today, just only in sabotage. Did you even play it? It was a great game.

ginsunuva3421d ago

MAG was not marketed, and all my CoD playing friends who bought it hated it because they said it was too hard and complicated.

Zha1tan3421d ago

Alot of people didnt like MAG because it didnt have the best presentation and it is clear games on that size scale can only really work on PC unless they have a marketing budget.

P_Bomb3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

MAG sold over a million. That's great for a new IP that's still a military shooter with no single player campaign. It did better than Socom4 and other recent military shooters.

Dust's free-to-play Zha1tan. Don't have to worry about the sales you mention in that regard. DCUO skyrocketed when it went FTP and servers have stayed on high population ever since.

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