And the "most rounded console" award goes to PS3..not 360, Wii

The gaming industry has come a long way from the days of inexpensive Nintendo consoles and cheap Sega titles; consoles are an expensive purchase, and games are no drop in the bucket. In an era where consoles are an investment, not just a whim purchase, consumers want consoles that justify the price; PS3 wins that category hands-down.

To justify an expensive purchase, most people are looking for more than something that is just a money pit of multiple $60 investments in game titles, in addition to the console costs. Consoles play movies, offer downloadable content, function as media centers, and do even more. In a failing economy, $400 isn't a small amount, and everyone can't own every console; choices must be made, and if you're looking for more than a gaming rig, the PS3 takes the cake.

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LightningPS34669d ago

Good news is to be expected. Expect more like this, it comes with the territory.

mikeslemonade4668d ago

Exactly why I chose PS3. I researched all three consoles and PS3 has the most potential and will have the most diverse games. Right now it looks like Wii is taking the cake but really it's too early to tell.

Syko4668d ago

@mikeslemonade, You got a disagree from me for being a Chargers fan.

New England 35 - San Diego 17...Believe it. New England is coming to my hometown of Phoenix,AZ and winning the Super Bowl! Tommy gets #4 this year.


DTClown4668d ago

the smartest xbox360 only console owner I have come across yet! Nice to see that at least a couple of them can put aside their fanboyisms and see the reality of the issue. Welcome.

mikeslemonade4668d ago

The Pats are going down. The Chargers were the team that ended the Indy colts last season, so Chargers have good chance of ending the Pats perfect 19-0 season. I don't get the bandwagon on Pats. Why do you want a team to be 19-0 and 16-0 it's no fun when there's no competition kinda like in games.

Syko4668d ago

LOL, Rolling way off topic, but I think this blog/opinion isn't even news so anyway...

No in fairness it is great fun watching my team dominate because since I was old enough to watch/understand football (Around 86-87) they never won anything until 2001 when Bledsoe went down. I was like well $hit there goes our team (even though we were 1-3 at the time) Then a kid named Tom Brady came in, and well the rest is history. My whole family moved from Boston and I was born in Phoenix but the Pats have always been my team since we didn't even have a team here in Arizona yet until 88' and my pops was a die hard Pats fan.

The worst part about having your team be this good is being accused of being a bandwagon jumper...When you have watched them suck for a while, until they stumbled upon the greatest QB in NFL history.

The Patriots making NFL History and winning a Lombardi in my Hometown is PRICELESS.

QB's that have won 4 Super Bowls: Bradshaw, Montana

Only QB to ever win 3 Super Bowl MVP's: Montana

End of this year Brady: 4 Super Bowl Championships, 3 Super Bowl MVP's...Not to mention Offensive player of the year and league MVP. With a lifetime 15-2 post season record. You do know that in the Brady/Belichik era we have NEVER lost a home playoff game right?

He is the G.O.A.T.(Greatest of all time) End of Story.

haloblows4668d ago

I really hope the chargers destroy those pricks.Only team in the league that doesn't have Sean Taylor's number on their helmets. Hopefully,Shawne Merriman and Shaun Phillips will rock that douchebag known as Brady and Cromartie will do to them what he has done to Indy this season.

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CNIVEK4669d ago

...since it's shaped like a freakin' COFFIN.

Escamotage4668d ago

How is it shaped like a coffin? Excuse Sony for not designing a console looking like it's been bleached and warped by the sun, or a like Leaning Tower of Piza.

The Wood4668d ago

but coffins tend to have the ms recycle plant address etched into them though

athlon7704668d ago

This is cold man, just cold! ;)

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Iron Man 24669d ago

I'm telling you,all the PS3 needs now is another pricecut and 2008 and on is guaranteed(since all the BIG juggernauts like MGS4,KZ2,LBP etc. are all coming out in 2008)

ionace4668d ago

With a price cut sometime by mid-year (since they cut production costs so much) the PS3 with this year's large library of exclusives would just have a huge sales boom, not unlike what happened with the PSP Slim last year with FF Crisis Core

Ares844668d ago

....with a Halo figure in his avatar! Yea right. You got your PS3 on the same day when I got my Xbox 360!