Forza Horizon E3 2012 Walkthrough

Skills equals points and points equal popularity in Forza Horizon.

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YodaCracker3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

Forza Horizon looks breathtaking! I have a feeling Turn 10 will soon have on their hands not only the highest rated sim racer of this gen, but also the highest rated action/arcade racer.

ShinMaster3298d ago

It looks kinda like Hot Pursuit, but with dirt instead of cops.

Si-Fly3298d ago

I think you meant it looks like Hot Pursuit with nothing pursuing you ...

SKUD3298d ago

Not a fan of the gauges being on the right side of the screen for bumper view. Would be better if you can change that in the options menu. Have it placed in the bottom middle.

Mindfuk: If you stare at the gameplay vid the whole time and when he turns his head to his right. Looks like hes got a mullet. LOL.

morkendo233298d ago

this is how CRITERIONS HOTPURSUIT should had been open road,country roads etc.. instead of burnout style engine.

IRetrouk3298d ago

Hot pursuit was open world

ShinMaster3298d ago

Criterion is making Most Wanted now, which you can basically call either "Burnout With Cops" or "Open World Hot Pursuit".

Forza Horizon is more like Hot Pursuit but with dirt roads instead of cops.

Mkai283298d ago

Talented bunch this turn 10

Me-Time3298d ago

Turn 10 isn't in charge of this though.

IRetrouk3298d ago

I'm glad that the pgr devs are getting another go at it, pgr 4 is still my favorite arcade racer and I still play it to this day, I always thought pgr would go this route eventually, can't wait

Tr10wn3298d ago

Thats nice to know i didnt know they where the guys that worked on pgr, forza+pgr was my dream game since forza 2 now its becoming true, it truly feels like a mix between forza, pgr and test drive unlimited, hopefully is as good as it looks.

m233298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

Its a new team with people from PGR, Criterion, Black Box, Codemasters, as well as some other studios plus help from Turn 10. Having the lead guys from Codemasters will really help make the offroad driving awesome.