Forza Horizon E3 2012 Walkthrough

Skills equals points and points equal popularity in Forza Horizon.

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YodaCracker4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

Forza Horizon looks breathtaking! I have a feeling Turn 10 will soon have on their hands not only the highest rated sim racer of this gen, but also the highest rated action/arcade racer.

ShinMaster4135d ago

It looks kinda like Hot Pursuit, but with dirt instead of cops.

Si-Fly4135d ago

I think you meant it looks like Hot Pursuit with nothing pursuing you ...

SKUD4135d ago

Not a fan of the gauges being on the right side of the screen for bumper view. Would be better if you can change that in the options menu. Have it placed in the bottom middle.

Mindfuk: If you stare at the gameplay vid the whole time and when he turns his head to his right. Looks like hes got a mullet. LOL.

morkendo234135d ago

this is how CRITERIONS HOTPURSUIT should had been open road,country roads etc.. instead of burnout style engine.

IRetrouk4135d ago

Hot pursuit was open world

ShinMaster4135d ago

Criterion is making Most Wanted now, which you can basically call either "Burnout With Cops" or "Open World Hot Pursuit".

Forza Horizon is more like Hot Pursuit but with dirt roads instead of cops.

Mkai284135d ago

Talented bunch this turn 10

Me-Time4135d ago

Turn 10 isn't in charge of this though.

IRetrouk4135d ago

I'm glad that the pgr devs are getting another go at it, pgr 4 is still my favorite arcade racer and I still play it to this day, I always thought pgr would go this route eventually, can't wait

Tr10wn4135d ago

Thats nice to know i didnt know they where the guys that worked on pgr, forza+pgr was my dream game since forza 2 now its becoming true, it truly feels like a mix between forza, pgr and test drive unlimited, hopefully is as good as it looks.

m234135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

Its a new team with people from PGR, Criterion, Black Box, Codemasters, as well as some other studios plus help from Turn 10. Having the lead guys from Codemasters will really help make the offroad driving awesome.


10 Years On, It's Hard To Actually Celebrate Forza Horizon's Legacy

Forza Horizon has been around for 10 years today, but due to the franchise's constant "End Of Life" policies, it's hard to celebrate.

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deleted344d ago

Literally the only XBox exclusive that I still regularly play. I'm glad I had bought FH3 (PC) when I did, but this really sucks for other people who never picked it up. I still love the Australian Outback setting most of all.


Forza Horizon Games Ranked from Worst to Best

BLG writes: "When the Forza Horizon games franchise launched in 2012, it was an enjoyable spin-off of the highly successful simulation racer. A decade later, the Horizon series has overtaken Forza Motorsport series as one of, if not the, premiere driving video games of all time."

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SinisterMister457d ago

Don't think there's literally a "worst" Forza game man. Microsoft just makes these too damn good.

MaximusPrime_457d ago

Microsoft didn't develop (make) Forza, Playground Games did.

Microsoft simply published it.

SinisterMister457d ago

Ah okay. Thanks for the correction mate!

MadLad457d ago

I see no difference being they've only ever made games for Microsoft on Microsoft's dime for the entirety of their existence as a developer.

Godmars290457d ago

The amount of MTs and repeated attempts at rivalry towards Gran Turismo.

darthv72457d ago

@god, i think you are confusing motorsport with horizon. MS is compared to GT, Horizon isnt.

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MadLad457d ago


Care to explain how that has anything to do with anything here?

DOMination-457d ago

lol.. pedantic much? ^ PG and the Forza IP are owned by Microsoft.

FH5 may be a technical marvel but it's been a buggy mess since launch and PG seem intent to add new content without ever bothering to fix anything. Many of which were bugs that were also in FH4.

FH2 (still good but the structure was messed up - too much emphasis on grinding "roadtrips" which was tedious)

jznrpg457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

They didn’t buy Playground until 2018 or 2019 I forget which year but it hasn’t been that long . The first Forza came out in 2005 . So most of the games were published by MS at the time but they didn’t own PlayGround. MS doesn’t make good studios in general , they buy them .

DOMination-457d ago

When Sony buys a studio after working with them for a couple of games, people on here call it an "organic purchase". MS & Playground made three very good games, based on an existing IP using an engine made by Turn 10 before purchasing them. But it is still pedantic. Shall we say that Sony didn't make The Last of Us? Or that they don't "own" the first 12 Ratchet & Clank games because they only purchase Insomniac a few years back? We all know what they meant.

Anyway, Forza Motorsport has always been developed by Turn 10. Which Microsoft built from the ground up. So when you refer to games from 2005, your point about only buying studios is completely wrong.

darthv72457d ago

You left out a FH2, there were two versions. The one made for XBO by playground and the one made for 360 by sumo digital. There are enough differences to warrant each one being on its own.

monkey602457d ago

FH3 is my favourite by a long shot. I got surprisingly bored of FH5 quick enough unfortunately so that's down the bottom of my list

sammarshall102457d ago

Yeah I think this series peaked with Forza Horizon 3