Patcher - "Wii's momentum will last until the Playstation 3 is under $300" - EGM

Sonycowboy on NeoGaf (who brought you the latest NPD numbers), quotes a few key statements in an interview that EGM had with Michael Pachter, in the current issue out in newstands.

"I think the Wii momentum will last until the Playstation 3 is under $300, so another year"

"2008 is definitely Sony's year. And I'd throw Grand Theft Auto IV into the mix, given that it's considered a PS2 owner's [franchise]. Also, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue should sell some consoles.."

"I think Microsoft's first party lineup is weakning, but I think that exclusives like Splinter Cell: Conviction will keep them going for another year. They also have the resources to sign third party exclusives."'

-From Decision 08 article in this month's EGM

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LightningPS34664d ago

everyone can see it! Except 360 fanboys.

toughNAME4664d ago

What is this...account number 4 nasim?

Snukadaman4663d ago

Im thinking this is that lightning kid...if you look at his posts he seems quite bipolar..just like that lightning kid...nasim is playing it slick...I seen some of his other accounts where he is trying too stay on the fence with both consoles.....but the problem can see his style clearly.

Cwalat4663d ago

300$ for PS3 that would fu**in tear apart 360

mikeslemonade4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

If he meant a $299.99 PS3, the Wii by then would probably just have met the demand. That price drop could happen September next year for PS3 and the Wii in major cities through summer could still be sold out. And GTA4 will help both systems pretty much equally. I'm pretty sure Microsoft will aggressively try to push it with the "jump in" ad campaign.

Hatchetforce4663d ago

Woohoo! I love Splinter Cell. But the the fact is a game that doesn't appeal to most 360 players isn't going to keep the console on top.

Look at Pachter's track record. Monkey's at the zoo throwing their excrement at a list od possibilities have a better record.

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Shaka2K64664d ago

Best seires sellers for PS2 world wide were.

Final Fantasy
Gran Turismo

Funny in 2008 we will see all for of these franchises on the PS3 and 3 of them exclusive.

2008 is PS3s year.

we all know wii only sells beacuase its a cheap POS and nintendo is afraid of Sony if the system were about the same price it would be the same as PSX-n64 and PS3-gc era.

Sony totally destroying the competition with the best games.

ravinash4663d ago

I don't think Wii needs to worry too much about Sony to the number of consoles sold because each console sells to a very different market.
Wii is favoured more by casual gamers because they see this its control system is based on movement and this probably give more of a natural feel for people not used to controllers. plus the games are very simple (games like Wii sports for example) and are more bite size which seems better for people who don't spend hours playing games.
it also appears more social, as all the ads show the family all playing together at the same time.
Consoles like 360 and PS3 have more of an image of FPS and solo players games....most social games are playing on line where the other people are not in the room with you. And they also appear more technical, which probably scares a lot of people away.
I’m sure games like Little Big Planet will start cracking into the other market, and there will be Wii users who will start getting more into games but want something more challenging and might start looking at 360 and PS3 for something else.
But on the whole Wii will do fine.

Cyrus3654664d ago

It's too bad GTA IV isn't on PS2, it's a multi-plat and too boot, I'm sure MS will market to get hte complete (EXTRA/bonus) missions, the only way to go is with 360 and 360's version of GTA IV.

LightningPS34664d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

But I just don't know what that extra content is, or how it figures into the game. So I can't agree or disagree on whether it will have big impact or not.

Robocod4663d ago

I really aint sure that the extra content on GTA4 for 360 is a system seller. There is not enough info on it at the moment but it will have to be pretty special for it to move consoles to gamers who maybe were not thinking of getting a 360 anyway.

Exhaust4663d ago

That's how Rockstar works. To say the DLC won't have much of an impact because little is known about isn't really realistic. Once the retail game ships I expect a massive marketing push my MS to hype the DLC. To say that the exclusive DLC won't have a favorable impact on the 360 is being a blind fanboy.

I own all 3 systems so I'm not a 360 fanboy. I'm a Rockstar GTA fanboy to the point I bought the special edition 360 version and I'm gameflying the PS3 version just so I can compare. Hardcore fans will by the 360 version because they don't want to miss any GTA IV goodness. Even if the 360 was just getting an extra car or something I'd still buy the 360 version.

Prismo_Fillusion4663d ago

As someone who owns ***only*** a Wii...

I agree with Pachter's statement.

Cyrus3654663d ago

That patcher throwing out some wild statements like:

"I think Microsoft's first party lineup is weakning, but I think that exclusives like Splinter Cell: Conviction will keep them going for another year. They also have the resources to sign third party exclusives"

Basically hedging his bet, saying they have a weak first party lineup, but any second with their resources can buy up exclusives, and that'll it keep going...