E3 2012: ZombiU Could Go Multiplatform

Ubisoft tells IGN that Wii U exclusive ZombiU could eventually come to other platforms.

Shok4136d ago

That would throw a lot of it's value out of the window. The Wii U needs some hardcore EXCLUSIVES for the launch window, and that would really suck on Nintendo's part if it went multiplatform.

EliteDave934136d ago

If this is true that would make Nintendo's E3 conference even worse than it was.

Hisiru4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

He is talking about future titles, not this first game. Watch the video interview.

but I agree, it would be really bad for WiiU.

aaron58294136d ago

was anyone expecting anything else from Ubi ?

Tony-A4136d ago

Yeah, that would be a big blow if the most talked-about exclusive title in their conference ends up becoming a multiplatform release.

bothebo4135d ago

I think you mean the only talked about title lol.

Khordchange4136d ago

wouldn't really worry about, they pretty much have no plans at all because it only works with the Wii U controller. Maybe 6 months down the line after the release date, they might think about it, but more than likely it's not gonna happen. IGN is just trying to stir things up

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Shnazzyone4136d ago

... Uhhhh why? It's main selling point is the touch screen integration designed around wii U. My guess is someone from MS's camp dropped this rumor in passing saying it'd be possible with smartglass.

ChickeyCantor4136d ago

You mean that option that requires us to have 4 arms?

Nah. no thanks bru.

Tony-A4136d ago

For f*ck's sake, someone finally said it.

The idea of having an extra thing to hold and look at during gameplay is one of the most gimmicky ideas I've ever seen. Since when was pressing start or select to actually look at a map or inventory such a problem?

All this extra weight does is add more crap to your living room, include unnecessary prices and make you feel like being born with two arms was some kind of birth defect.

miyamoto4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

Yeah the fact that I had to look at my Dreamcast VMU about my health in RE Code Veronica really got in the way of seamless game play.

There is a reason why HDTVs are here: to display every important thing in one screen.

Wii U is today's Dreamcast? Tell me about it.

Timmer4135d ago


It's more of an immersion tactic.

Let's compare this to two games (technically a game and a mod): Resident Evil 4 and DayZ.

In Resident Evil 4, you could pause the game to open your item case, use your herbs, switch weapons, etc. It was useful, but it put a real hiccup in game play. There's no way, in reality, I'm going to switch between an assault rifle and a shotgun so seamlessly, and neither would my enemies stop to let me get ready to fight them.

In DayZ, you open your pack in real time. All the dangers that in the world, zombies and players, are all waiting for you to mess up and make one stop to get a jump on you, and steal your ammo and your precious beans. Thing is, the pack window takes up a lot of space and leaves you blind to most things. You need to listen or have a spotter. It's somewhat realistic, but you'd still be able to look around while using your pack and see what's around you.

With ZombiU, you're essentially looking down into your bag (or whatever, satchel maybe?), but you're able to look up and check the surroundings for zombies. Yes, it can be tedious. But to me, that's a pulling in factor. I love the fact that I need to be on my toes in case a zombie gets me, as there's usually going to be one-hit, one-kill. It's adding another element to the survival horror genre.

DivineAssault 4136d ago

It makes sense if the game generates enough hype.. Smartglass & vita can do it.. Up to the devs on that one but Nintendo better buy exclusivity if they want a strong title

vortis4136d ago

Smartglass has analogs?

Or do they expect us to talk via Kinect, shoot with the controller and micromanage with the Smartglass?

I ain't got that many appendages.

DivineAssault 4136d ago

maybe not smartglass so much but vita can easily.. I think smartglass will only be used for media options & devs wont bother too much with it in games..

Chevalier4136d ago

Maybe it can work with the Vita?

LOL_WUT4136d ago

Man Nintendo should really secure this IP its the only thing they have going for them.

WeskerChildReborned4136d ago

That would be cool cause it will probably be better than Dead Island.