TGS06: Crackdown gameplay

XBOXYDE seen Crackdown running for the first time almost one year ago, and saw it quite a few times since then. And every single time they were surprised by how much the game had improved. This TGS is no exception, as you'll be able to see in this gigantic video.

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Sphinx5846d ago

I know a lot of people on here aren't psyched about this game, but if you're into co-op play, this game might be for you. I can play through some missions, and then, when a friend gets online, I can have him jump into my game and we can do missions together or split up. I mean, how cool will it be to be driving around and see a HUGE explosion in the horizon knowing that your bud just did that. Also, each character will have different abilities as I like sneaking and sniping, and he likes throwing cars and blowing shiz up. That means we can team up and each play a part. I can climb to the top of a building and cover him with sniper fire while he throws cars or something. I don't know, this games just sounds kickass.

Islandkiwi5846d ago

It does look much improved, and I like the jumping animation.

Boink5846d ago

I think this will be the sleeper hit.

it looks like so much fun/carnage, I can't wait!

willud4skins5846d ago

bust. sorry this game looks terrible to me.

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The story is too old to be commented.