Surfer Girl Rumours January 17

* Obsidian is NOT making Baldur's Gate 3.
* Crysis is NOT a PS3 exclusive.
* L.A. Noire is still NOT coming to the 360.
* A Wii Star Fox IS under development.
* Something called Gears of War 2 IS going to be at something called GDC.
* Guitar Hero DS IS one of the four Guitar Hero games that EGM mentioned and IS coming out this fall.
* Black Rock Studio's first game under its new moniker IS a PS360 off-road title coming in the fall.
* Grasshopper Manufacturer's next game, a PS360 title, IS delightfully polarizing.

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pwnsause4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

Im approving it cause most of the stuff He/She said earlier in the blogs come out to be true, so he/she pretty legit, especially crysis, comon guys, EA is Publishing Crysis, so you know its not going to be exclusive at all. Now if crysis does come out for next-gen consoles, Crytek and EA better make the PS3 version the Lead platform, so we can all be happy, you too xbots(note that I say xbots and not Xbox Fanboys, Xbots are the the ones that dont listen, Xbox fanboys are the ones that althought they love the xbox 360 over any other platform, they still know that the other competing hardware are in some aspects superior to the hardware they own, and that sometimes they own the competing hardware, cause its pretty good) cause it means we get a 99.9% equal version instead of a 75% equal version.

lodossrage4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

I still say surfer girl, whoever he or she is, is working off of old news and/or common sense.

The crysis information was rumored LONG before surfer girl said anything about it. Plus it's common sense, this is EA we're talkin about here lol.

Gears of war 2 was announced to be a possible GDC showing almost a month and a half ago.

L.A. Noire is a project by rockstar FUNDED and DEVELOPED with and BY SONY. So of course that wasn't going to 360. After all, again, it is a SONY funded project.

Now the other stuff I can't call out because I myself have no info on the rest of the rumors of his/her blog.

Think back to that crappy ONE pic surfer girl showed for resistance 2. That pic looked NOTHING like the graphical powerhouse that resistance 2 looked to be in Insomniac's OFFICIAL pic postings.

Until her or his "rumors" are NOT old news or common sense guesses, the person is just an attention seeker.

Expy4669d ago

This rumor, in contrast to this one: ... States that Crysis will be released for XBOX 360 as well. However, the linked source article at GamesRadar lists a rumor coming from an insider within the studio that says "For technical reasons we hear an Xbox 360 version of Crysis isn’t in development."

Rumors are rumors, but for credibility's sake, better off going with a studio insider. Surfer Girl has been wrong in the past many times, and so have other rumors.

We'll just have to wait and see.

Ashta4669d ago

The rumor just states that Crysis in not a PS3 exclusive.

Considering that it already came out on PC I wouldn't exactly say that it is really far off from the truth, eh? :P

Expy4668d ago

In her comments section he/she then elaborates and says "That one from Microsoft".

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Shaka2K64669d ago

Since when do we take this noob seriously.

Charlie26884669d ago

I am still AMAZED by some of the things people ask her, I mean stuff I bet you the game devs themselves probably don't know much less her it only shows how some people beyond seeing her/him...them? as a person(s?) with inside knowledge actually look for some sort of gaming oracle for some sort of gaming relief? hope? wishful thinking? I mean some people ask valid (realistic) questions and she gives answers but others are just ridiculous bordering in the "I want to believe"

LightningPS34669d ago

What's the point of getting your head all twisted for something that may or may not be true?

Just the same, I think I would prefer LA Noire exlcusive over Crysis. Actually I want both exclusive, that would be even better.

eagle214669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

surfer girl aka. Big Dog. probably Perez Hilton!LOL

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