Xbox 360 Widens The Gap Over PS3

Xbox 360 Drives the Video Game Console Industry in 2007: NPD data released today confirms consumers spent more dollars on Xbox 360 in 2007, with more than $13.7 billion in total consumer spending. Xbox 360 won 2007 with $4.8 billion in total consumer spend compared to Wii with $3.5 billion and PlayStation 3 with $2.2 billion. This wraps up a historic year, with NPD reporting consumers have spent nearly 45 percent of total industry figures on Xbox 360.

Here is a quick snapshot of what is driving revenue for Xbox 360, based on the latest reports from NPD and Microsoft data:

· XBOX 360 WIDENS THE GAP OVER PS3 WITH CONSOLE SALES: According to NPD, Xbox 360 sold 1.3 million consoles in December alone, and has steadily widened the gap between Sony's PlayStation 3 console sales. In December, NPD stated that Sony sold 798,000 PS3 hardware units. Since PS3's launch in November 2006, Xbox 360 has outsold PS3 by nearly 2:1 on average, bringing a total U.S. Xbox 360 install base of 9.2 million consoles, compared to and installed base of 7.4 million Wii consoles and 3.3 million PS3 consoles.

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Shaka2K64664d ago

World wide PS3 kills x360.

xboxme4664d ago

it that makes you feel better about your purchase, more power to you.

ravinash4664d ago

We all know 2007 was Xbox's year.
This year its PS3 turn.
Every system sees improvement in its second year when its main titles come out and it has a good game library to back it happened with 360, its happening with PS3.

Sayai jin4664d ago

ravinash - True and a systems usually see even more improvement in it's 3rd year. So I expect the 360 to have another successful year. The PS3 has an impressive line-up for 2008 and this will help cement a successful year too. I expect the Wii to continue to sell well, even though I think it may see it's peak this year.

robep34664d ago

The world is a big place about 250-300m in USA ,5.8 billion elsewhere
in the world, also what about the other markets some parts of the world the 360 wont sell well because they hate the USA so that may prove a problem when MS try to push for sales outside USA.?
I mean the population of Europe is more than double the USA so a lot of console buyers there, UK the only strong market for 360 in the EU.


wageslave4664d ago

@1.2 ravinash

Xbox 360 will continue this trend; there is no credible cause to think otherwise.

The market doesnt respond to fanboys (thank the f-ing gods), do you think MS is just going to roll over and die? Have ZERO console sales this year?

PS3 is in 3rd, and its going to stay that way.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4664d ago

The new NPS sales data pushes the 360 "over" the PS3 in world wide sales. :) by millions. So that would make what you said a what LIE/DREAM/SPIN/FABRICATION/FAN TASY?


Jandre024664d ago

Considering that the PS3 had less games and cost more and STILL OUTSOLD the Xbox360, do you really believe that the PS3 will stay in third at lower price and with better selling games than Halo 3?

Also, dont forget that the PS3 was outselling the 360 WW until Halo was released. With no Halo, and PS3 with a better line up period by the end of the year, the Xbox doesnt stand a chance.

Even if they release GoW2, that still doesn't beat MGS4 or GT5. It will be close with RFOM2, and still has to get by KZ2, LBP, Socom.

It's not happenning. If the Xbox360 coudlnt win this holiday season, its just flat out not winning.

Genuine4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

Lol, what have you been smoking? Ps3 has only outsold the 360 worldwide for 1 maybe 2 monthes and has never outsold the 360 in N.A.

lawman11084664d ago

Those numbers got a bit of a sting to it huh?

Pain4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

- In the USA maybe.
World wide PS3 kills x360.

Any Thing else is Denail. but w/e lets Xbots sleep beter.

edit @ robep3 Xbots Dont Understand Math or esle they woulndt copy past things to sound smart.
oh and they would know xbox 360 is really xbox 2 and that why PS3'rs call xbox2 inferior.

LJWooly4664d ago

Holy crap, I feel like I just walked into a fanboy party.

I feel like an outsider... I'm just going to stand in the corner over here... slowly nodding to the music... all alone... dum-de-dum-dum-dum...

wageslave4664d ago

Denial its not just a river anymore.

masterg4664d ago


Now we know there are at least 39 idiots (who pressed disagree).
I don't care if you're a 360 or PS3 fanboy, but facts are facts.
The PS3 is outselling the 360 worldwide.

Daishi4664d ago

Pain you do realize that the US is 50% of the gaming market? So if PS3 sold 90% more everywhere else around the globe that still leaves the 360 selling better. Numbers don't lie, people with opinions do...

Cwalat4664d ago

i would really like to see a growth in Chinese market instead of US,
1/6 of the world lives there

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LightningPS34664d ago

they just have to make themselves feel better!

I saw the NPD, the rate at which PS3 is being outsold is shrinking. And Worldwide PS3 could possibly be outselling it.

2008 won't be a happy year for 360 fans. PS3 will be gaining on them. They will have a lead but only the lead they gained while PS3 wasn't out yet.

Sayai jin4664d ago

Why will Xbox fans have a bad year. I do not understand your logic. If the PS3 catches up or the 360 increases its lead or they stay even or the Wii falls or sky rockets, it will not do anything for the fans. There will be no monetary gain to Xbox fans if it has a huge lead or finacial gain to PS3 owners. I think they will have a stellar year. Each system owner has and will have even more exciting games to play and that should be all that matters.

RadientFlux4664d ago

if you mean 360 fanboys then yes 2008 could be bad year, for the majority of 360 owners 2008 will just be another year filled with good games.

travelguy2k4664d ago

The PS3 will have another bad year in 2008 jus t like in 2007 where worldwide it out sold the 360 which everyone is quick to point out had a great year.

So only one or 2 more bad years for the PS3 and it will be ahead of the 360 in total sales world wide. If this current trend continues.

lawman11084661d ago

Yeah and 90% of them drive Ox carts to get around and don't have T.V's..........Tool........... ....India too they still have Polio for Christ sake! Hate on the USA all you want, we will still bail you out when someone like China or worse invades your a$$ AGAIN

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blacsheep4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

its a 360 site,sorry taken with a pinch of salt,stop being bias and talking only about america because currently thats where 360 is now leading in sales and talk about worldwide sales THERE ARE GAMERS IN OTHER PARTS OF THE WORLD NOT JUST USA, dang

EDIT: why are certain 360 owners taking what i said as a flame? are there no other gamers in the world apart from america?

xboxme4664d ago

what don't you get? sony went from #1 to last. live w/ it and stop making excuses. maybe you're seeing too much 4d graphics.

blacsheep4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

you little delinquent

did you read my post or just decided to post because you got your flame glasses on?

if a site is gonna talk about sales regardless if its a pure 360 or ps3 site talk about sales as a whole not just the part of the world where you can feel better in yourself you little retard.

im from the UK yes gamers are everywhere and if you ever decide to leave your trailer park you'd see that you bumpkin.

dont ever reply to my post again you aint worthy and i feel disgusted in myself for replying to a turd with a name as 'XBOXME' which shows your just here to flame instead of debate rationally

now get back inside your trailer before you break the rules of your curfew and your sent back to prison thus being made someones b!tch AGAIN

Saint Sony4664d ago

You think your precious little kingdom would make a big difference to these numbers? Well THINK again.

blacsheep4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

dont dismiss the UK you cretin do some research and see how much of the gaming industry we make up of then review your utterly unitelligent comment hang your head in shame try find a gurl and lose your virginity because like in dogs it may help you to release some of that pent up blinded anger

and why do i say dog? because you are one, a lap dog of bill gates no run along before i get you neutered

coolfool4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

Dude, I kind of agree with your original points but obviously some don't. if you don't like what somebody has written then do one of two things.
1. ignore them
2. Argue your point intelligently.
But try not to be so offensive. Name calling and put downs never get your point across and if anything just weakens how much credit people give you.

Anyway, just trying to give some friendly advice from one UK'er to another (and don't worry I haven't de-bubbled you or anything).

blacsheep4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

bro i agree with you 100%

but you know what? sometimes when you make a valid comment and the rabid fanboys just jump on you without cause attack is the only form of defence,if they intelligently replied to my valid point (i didnt flame at all) then i would reply calmly to people who can take off their fanboy glasses and debate intelligently like i am with you.

i even stated cant believe im replying to xboxme but somtimes this site infuriates me,true gamers want to voice a opinion without fanboys sprouting crap just because truth hurts.

i am actually going to listen to you because i hate lowering myselfs to their level

anyway coolfool bubbles for you a true gamer is always welcome

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iMad4664d ago

SonyDefense force is a lame. Methods they use are effective but will punch back on themselves soon. Because people can think and will realise soon that SonyDefenceForce is a group of 50 mugs who lives on internet and uses black PR methods. They constantly give here uncorrect info and their crap opinions in order to protect their loosing PS3. Total mugs. Normal PS3 fanboy much better because he can see the facts, just plays PS3 games and waits for more good games for PS3 to come.

360Crusader4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

Get ready for all the crying and excuses. 2008 will be just as good for the 360 as 2007. You people just keep patting yourselves on the back. You hear what you want, thats it.
And dont get the wrong idea cry bots. PS3 is a good system.
Huh? How about that? I actually own both.

edit: let the disagrees rack up. booo hooo the cry bots strike again.
I really don't understand why you people dislike 360 so much.
And no I dont wanna know why. B/c I know it would be some fan boy twisted response. Unless your not a fan boy, and you own and play on both systems. Like me, but then again you'll probably like the 360.
Cause you actually played on it, unlike some people.
First few at the top for starters.

Genuine4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

With 2007 being such a successful year, the 360 will continue to be in the drivers seat in 2008. Developers and Publishers are taking note of these numbers, and that will likely be apparent at GDC & E3. The revenue from this year, alongside cost reduction, will produce a market shifting price drop. Add to those things, the multi-million dollar marketing schedule the 360 has for '08. After this year, everyone will own a 360. Well, except maybe the people who have sold their soul to sony.

Play B3yond4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

'Let us hear whatever we want?' all i know is im hearing all these great games for the PS3 and havent heard anything for the 360, The longer the 360 stays quiet about their games the more its gonna hurt them.

Genuine4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

The reason you've been hearing so much from sony about '08, is because there 2007 line-up was so weak. With my personal gaming taste, I'm not overly impressed with their '08 line up. They have one possible system seller, and not a single decent RPG announced for '08. But to each his own.
360 on the other hand had arguably one of the best gaming line-up's in history with '07. They obviously haven't started on '08 yet. I will be greatly suprised after GDC & E3 if anyone thinks the ps3 has the best line up. With a superior install base and record breaking attach rate, the 360 is what devs and publishers want to get involved with.

@the dude
To my knowledge FF hasn't been confirmed for '08. But if you have a credible link, I'll read it. With FF hitting what, it's 13-14th sequal, I personally don't think that's a system seller anywhere but Japan. Turn based rpg's are pretty much a niche market these days.

thedude176554664d ago

"They have one possible system seller, and not a single decent RPG announced for '08."
I want to know what kind of RPG's you've been playing on the XBox360. you do know a little game called Final Fantasy XIII is coming out on the ps3 in 08' don't you? Final Fantasy has been the benchmark off all RPG's since FFIII so don't tell me that if you like RPG your not going to like FFXIII because that is dumb.

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