The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of The Nintendo 3DS Software Showcase

Nintendo received very low marks from us yesterday with their very lacklustre E3 Press Conference. We had hoped they would be able to fix it all today with their Nintendo 3DS Software Showcase. Unfortunately, they didn't.

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BringingTheThunder3149d ago

i stopped watching after 20 minutes. good to know i didnt miss anything

TrendyGamers3149d ago

Can't wait to buy New Super Mario Bros. 2, it looks really fun.

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wingman32x3149d ago

New Super Mario 2 looks like a blast. Can see it getting chaotic with just about everything puking up coins. The golden fire flower looked really fun, and of course the raccoon tail.

Paper Mario looked interesting I thought. I like they're at least trying a small quest system. While it looked like busywork, I at least liked the fact that they're giving the player incentive to interact with the characters. I don't see the stickers being a major issue since they seem to be everywhere, but I can see that getting annoying. Finally, I'm glad the turn based combat is back.

Overall it was a decent show. Extended time with the above games made it worth watching for me.

No Animal crossing did kind of bum me out though. Delayed again?

BringingTheThunder3149d ago

guess they need stuff for next year

tunaks13149d ago

the show was terrible, the only thing good about it was the lack of Nintendoland.

live2play3149d ago

why was it terrible? it gave us new game info on games coming out.

nintendo is purely focusing on games COMING OUT IN 2012 or even this fiscal year

they didnt want to make announcements further than that.

like their e3 conference, only focused on THE YEAR 2012 games coming out ON OR DURING LAUNCH

live2play3149d ago

everyone expected big reveals. like metroid, zelda, starfox

klecser3148d ago

There was no new game info. Anyone who follows game news saw what they've already seen. E3 is supposed to reveal NEW stuff that we've never seen before. None of the big reveals were unknown games. Sorry, but learning the name of one of the character's in the Castlevania game isn't really a "big reveal".

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The story is too old to be commented.