Dragonball Actor "Hopes" He Does a Good Goku

- Here is an interview with Justin Chatwin, who says this about playing Goku:

Um, the character of Goku, an important character to play, uh, been around on kid's cartoons for a while, uh, so I hope I do a good job.


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Prismo_Fillusion4664d ago

Oh no, honesty!
Run for the hills!

Jdash244664d ago

i really hope he does a good goku too

still have a bad feeling about this live action dbz movie thou

Danny Dan4664d ago

Remember, this is only in the "DragonBall (DB)" universe. Not dbZ.. The main 'boss fight' is going to be Piccolo vs Goku. Unlike DBZ which Raditz begins, and then Vegeta, Freezer, and Buu.

For me, I think their starting with the DB universe just to see how this movie does. If it flops, we will not be seen a DBZ movie. If it does pretty decent, then we will see a Vegeta VS Goku fight with like a 300 million dollar budget.

vloeistof4664d ago

wonder if we will see super saiyan 4 .

chrno64664d ago

What a surprise, I just found out Goku is a caucasian lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.