Xbox 360=Industry Leader?

- In a news release that cited recent NPD numbers Microsoft was quick to point out the fact that Xbox 360 hardware sales make up the biggest chunk of consumer spending with more $13.7 billion in total. For the calendar year of 2007 the 360 raked in $4.8 billion, the Wii $3.5 billion and Sony's PlayStation 3 comes in third with $2.2 billion. What that breaks down to is an astonishing 45 percent of console sales could be attributed to Microsoft's system over the last calendar year. Not too shabby.

Despite all of these numbers being thrown around there's no denying that Xbox 360 is still in a distant second behind the Wii in terms of number of units sold.

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Shaka2K64662d ago

Xbug 3rd60 cant be an industry leader when your system is dead in 2 of the 3 gaming markets world wide.

AngryHippo4662d ago

dead?!haha. Someone has their tunnel vision fully enabled.

Mr Playboy4661d ago

I play better games and better quality with my 360

PS3 is a great console but Sony need to focus more in games instead of format war.

mikeslemonade4661d ago (Edited 4661d ago )

Exactly, let's get real because the 360 basically has reaped all the potential from the U.S. The install units in the U.S. are pretty strong and the attach rate is the highest we have seen for any system, but since the numbers are way down in Europe, Worldwide, and Japan in 2007 compared to 2006 the xbox 360 is actually just an average system and frankly it's too early to call xbox 360 a success. The reason why they have such a stronghold in the U.S. is because it was out a year earlier, they secured key 3rd party exclusives, and they have the ads that work in the U.S. to establish the most mindshare. They may have made the most but they also have invested the most with the aggresive ad campaigns, coming out a year earlier meant the rushed the phyiscal design of the 360 causing the faulty hardware that hasn't been fixed for more than 2 year, and securing exclusive content like Rare, the two Japanese RPGs, GTA content cost a lot. They pretty much have to have that 6 game attach ratio to break even. The xbox brand still hasn't broke even. They had two quarters out of the 8 years where they have made a profit and those two quarters are Halo 3 and Halo 2, but that doesn't mean they have broke even overall. MS will probably have payed big bucks again for the unnannouced exclusive games for 2008. Remember Microsoft has to pay way more money for any kind of development in general because they are the new guys in the gaming industry and have not developed the relationships such as Sony and Nintendo.

Sayai jin4661d ago

mikeslemonade- Yes, you can call the 360 a success. The system is in it 3rd year and doing superb even with hardwar issues; people are still buying it and buying even more games. True numbers in Japan and Europe are not as high as in the US. I expect MS to campaign in EU alot over the next 2 years, Japan is a completly seperate issue. I can go on and on about how the Japanese view American products (I spent over 5 years in Japan). The 360 being out a year early is just like the PS2, but it had over a 2 year head start and it reaked enormous benefits for the PS2. You have to realize that MS did a good job at bringing games that have been Sony exclusives up until mow, like DMC and GTA 4. So now a gamer that has been waitning for these games no longer have to buy a PS to play it. They have a choice and a choice to buy it on a less expensive system. They do not need a high attach rate to break even. Why, becuase all of the 360's big releases sell million of copies. So not only is there a high attach rate they sell a lot of copies which is due to the larger install base. Even so the larger install base only accounts for some of the numbers. If someone buys a 360, they are definatley buying it to play games. However even though most people buy the PS3 as a gaming system, there are a lot who buy it as a cheap Blu-ray player. So these people are not buting any games. Unfortunatley there has not been a PS3 title realeased in 2007 that sold over a million copies. Dev's look at these numbers. Thats why companies make deals, MS probaly pays less. Look at it this way. If a game dev is paid 5 million to make a game for console A and this game will most likely sell 1.5 copies in the first qaurter alone and they make 50 million in sales or the same dev can make the game for System in which the company pay 5 million to make the game and the game sales 750,00 copies and they make only 25 million from sales. They dev company will go with the system that wiull make them more mony or go multi plat. Thats the case with the 360 and the PS3. Even if what you said were true about MS having to pay more. Remember their pockets run deeper than Nintendo and Sony combined many times over.

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Blademask4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

The one that the:


Is dominating? 2 years and it still cant touch the PS2. Some celebration.

CNIVEK4662d ago

The PS3 is still doing far worse than ALL consoles...INCLUDING the PS2.

Equinoxe_74662d ago


Your right at the moment Xbox360 is the leader, but I think it would change in the near future.

Xbox360 have one year headstart, but I think the race will be much closer, but we will see.

Blademask4662d ago

to call itself leading any industry. Especially gaming where it cant touch the PS2/Wii.

Doesn't appear that anyone has sense here. I guess sales dont make industry leaders.. we are in opposite land? So in that case.. The ps3 is selling worse than the 360..

PS3 is the industry leader.

Mr Playboy4661d ago

Wii (good for a couple of days)
PS2 (Dieing)

I prefer Gamecube and original Xbox over Wii

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Iron Man 24662d ago

Xbox 360 is the industry leader,industry leader in hardware failure % that is;)

AngryHippo4662d ago

great comment coming from a well known muppet.

Anyway on topic 360 is selling equally as well as PS3 worldwide give or take a few thousand, no one can be 100% sure. Europe 360 and PS3 around equal, Japan PS3 is ruling over there, US, 360 is ruling over there. Its very equal. Also 360 didnt sell as well as hoped during xmas even with all the heavy hitters, so what makes people think that suddenly people will all go buy a ps3 with their heavy hitters?! especially as its not the holiday season?! i am not trying to flame. I am pro sony and pro microsoft and an intelligent response would be most appreciated.

games4fun4661d ago (Edited 4661d ago )

"the heavy hitters" are the reason a console has sales although a holiday is nice to increase sales, people will buy a system based on the games coming out to persuade them, it is the same reason people bought a ps2 when their favorite game of choice came out they had to go buy that console to play it, i dont want to go on listing games annoyingly but the list of games are all games that usually one of them is enough to move consoles. The day of the week doesn't make people buy a console its the franchise game they have been waiting for that does. So understandably people see the ps3 lineup for 2008 and go these are games people will buy a system for alone. I know 2 or 3 people waiting on mgs4 to buy a console and ive met many people who are just waiting for FF to release then there is the gt crowd and so on

the only heavy hitter i've seen from micro was halo and bioshock also they sold well outside of the christmas season everyone who wanted it already got them by then that is why they didn't do so hot no christmas game to get people crazy(bad on sony's part too they didnt have a christmas game to get people going crazy either)

iMad4662d ago

SonyDefense force is a lame. Methods they use are effective but will punch back on themselves soon. Because people can think and will realise soon that SonyDefenceForce is a group of 50 mugs who lives on internet and uses black PR methods. They constantly give here uncorrect info and their crap opinions in order to protect their loosing PS3. Total mugs. Normal PS3 fanboy much better because he can see the facts, just plays PS3 games and waits for more good games for PS3 to come.

Kain814662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

where is the difference?

On Topic. This is a Joke.
We will see what happen in the Future and i see Wii and PS3 as the winner.

360Crusader4662d ago

Jeez I've been in several 360 threads. And idiotic cry bots are the first to post in every one. This is getting outta hand. This site is really going down the drain. And 360 is the industry leader. Between hard ware sales. And killer software sales. Is it that shocking?
To Shaka2K6 and Kermit5 u two really need to get a life.
Envy is unhealthy just buy a 360 and you'll be on this site less.

toughNAME4662d ago

i have a feeling shaka and kermit are the same person
seems like every article I sumbmit there always fisr on the scene with there stupid comments

Prismo_Fillusion4662d ago

Where are you getting your numbers 360Crusader?
360 is best in hardware sales!?
The Wii has topped two years worth of 360 sales in just ONE year and the PS3 has matched the 360's first year sales (when there was no competition) in its first year.

360 has dominated in software sales, so I have no argument there.

360Crusader4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

Did I say 360 has the best hard ware sales? Hmmm I don't see that in my post. Read it again. I never said best. I just meant good hardware sales mixed with software sales. Thats why OVERALL 360 is the industry leader.

edit: I guess I better with all the cry bots that infest this site.
I thought it was common sense to know that Wii runs the hardware section.

edit 2: note people that industry leader is a combination off all things that are tied to the system, not just hardware. Okay???

Prismo_Fillusion4662d ago

Then say what you mean. :p

Because when someone reads:
"And 360 is the industry leader. Between hard ware sales. And killer software sales."
...that sure does sound like youre saying that it has the best hardware sales.

But I'll take your word for it.

shine13964662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

I see the nintendo and hardware perched at the top. In every region around the world. Industry leading means leading the industry, Ps3 might be doing something now in europe but the DS and Wii are still top dog.
In this generation, Halo wasn't the biggest seller, either guitar hero or COD4 was. Thats of course if you don't count the Wii or DS titles...
And also, last I heard the 7/8 old ps2 was still selling like hot cakes. That's the industry leader.

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