Capcomunism - How is Capcom Revolutionising Gaming?

Gameplayer was recently invited to a Capcom event where they showed off some of the titles they have on the cards for 2008. This article describes what they say, and what you can expect from this legendary developer.

"And to be honest, we're still awed by the glory that was the Street Fighter IV trailer."

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Cartesian3D4663d ago

indeed.. me 2..

but after seeing screen shots and videos (ingame) ,im totally dissapointed..

I WANT JAPANESE INK BRUSH effect in game.. the trailer was AMAZING ..:(

the lighting and 2.5 feeling in trailer was awesome . but I didnt see any of them on gameplay..

socomnick4663d ago

I give capcom props because they are starting to bring old school stuff back . Fighting games have seen a decline in recent years but now with the king of fighters back it should make a big boom.