Mass Effect sex controversy - Penny Arcade Vs right-wing fruitcake

James Cottee's regular Quotes of the Week column focuses in on the the growing feud around the lesbian alien sex fiasco of Mass Effect. You'll find the full run of quotes from the two sides of the argument, plus the general talk from the rest of the industry on this subject matter, and plenty more.

"We've come to expect ignorance, malice, and a patronising tone from the mainstream media on the subject of games. This week, a columnist from the conservative blog site combined all three in a spectacular attack on the alleged perversities contained in Mass Effect. He put forth the argument that risqué content in video games was serious enough an issue to warrant debate in the US presidential primaries:"

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Iron Man 24667d ago

Whenever I hear or see Mass Effect,I think horrible framerate issues and a terrible shooting system

NegativeCreepWA4666d ago

Thats why youll always be a fanboy, and never a gamer.
If this game was on ps3 you would love it, and all the 360 fanboys would be saying the crap you do. Anyways sad people like you will never enjoy M.E. for the great game it is.

RadientFlux4666d ago

Whenever I hear another PS3 fanboy speak I picture a pimple faced 14 hour boy screaming and having a temper tantrum

niall774666d ago

they are just doing it so 13 year old xbots will buy it on the ofchance they will see a blue alien chicks boob

jaja14344666d ago

So sex has no place is a story which is geared toward adults?

ElfShotTheFood4666d ago

As comedians, they make great fund-raisers.

jaja14344666d ago

Kind of funny since technically there is no lesbian sex in the game...

SYSTEMS-at-WAR4666d ago

I don't understand why they complain so much about a little nudity... I mean what about GTA and Leisure Suit Larry?

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