PS3 Hard Drive Map Unveiled

PS News have been receiving some questions from the curious such as "What does the PS3's Hard Disk Filesystem look like?"

Below is a file list off the hard disk, although some directories are still inaccessible, we would like to share them with you.

The BCUS98107 entry is that of Resistance: Fall of Man, and its files are cache files copied to the HDD. Also, there is a pic of the debug controller lit up below.

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whateva4671d ago

when I was installing a demo.

like if someone wanted to get closer to hacking the PS3 they should hook the HDD to a PC and learn more about how sony files are setup.

I think this is the reason why you have to install demos and things because sony got it setup so it's some kind of code that goes with each PS3 and game so people can't run backups

Bebedora4670d ago

Hm. No partition info or what filesystem it is?

PirateThom4670d ago

It's FAT32, as far as I remember.

Bebedora4670d ago

Goes to show why a reformat takes hours. ext3 ftw

zag4670d ago

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ravinash4670d ago

I recon, it is a bit of a slut site for that.

SilPho4670d ago

3 pop-ups were blocked by Firefox, but still the site has an add you have to click past and a massive collection of banners as well. Sheesh. I guess they're trying to increase advert based revenue but with that many on screen I'm more tempted to never visit the site again than to click on any of the adds.

Rant aside, it's quite interesting seeing the information about the hard drive.

The controller mod is quite cool as well, totally unnecessary but cool none-the-less, if I had any confidence in my electronic skills I might give it a go.

nix4670d ago

he he he... i want to copy some porn on my ps3... q: but i don't think i can create a "secret folder". last thing i want is girls coming home and finding porn right under the video icon. q:

linux seems to be the other option though.

Rice4670d ago

i want to install linux but im scared with it, last time i tried i spent 5 dollars on blank dvd's 2 days trying to understand how to install it, a week trying to find a crap usb mouse and keyboard, and 4 hours trying to install fedora on my ps3... AND I FAILED....