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xplosneer4671d ago

That's because they're actually GOOD and there's lot to choose from.

gogators4670d ago

not 2.5 million dollars in downloads. Good for Rock Band, if you release a decent product at a fairly reasonable price, then you'll end up making some money on your effort. Lets keep those master recorded songs coming. You can just stop with the covers.

Syko4670d ago

The reason they have to cover a lot of songs is because either,

A) The Master recordings were not available or could not be found.

B) The audio tracks were not recorded on 4 separate channels, Like the drums and guitar were recorded on the same audio track such as older analog recordings.

If B is the case there is a obvious reason they can't use the audio because they are unable to separate the track and put it on its own file for the game. They have stated many times they use the Master whenever possible and it is in fact much easier for them to do so.

Ever notice how it's a lot of the older songs that are covers?!? There is a reason for this.

Syko4670d ago

Anyways, Congratulations to the Harmonix crew. They have followed through on 90% of their pre-release hype. They said they would have weekly DLC (ONLY THROUGH THE END OF 07') but since it is clearly such a success they have been working hard to keep it going. The only thing they haven't followed through on is the full album DLC. I for one have run myself broke buying all the songs. It's like a ritual, buy new songs Tuesday...Then on Friday everybody comes over my house and wants to know what the new songs are.

This is funny that they are being so successful with their DLC too, just because if you look at Activision's Guitar Hero 3 they suck at releasing DLC and when they do it is in a forced 3 pack that is overpriced. Plus Guitar Hero lost it's soul with 3. All the faithful know why Rock Band is a much deeper and more rewarding experience. Look Guitar Hero...WE HAVE THE MOST DLC EVAR!!!!!11 LMAO! Job well done Harmonix.

Delive4670d ago

But I need to see some diversity. I want to see Prince-Let's go crazy, Bruce Springstein-summer of 69. I know there a re licensing issues and such, but I like some of the old school stuff and as the game stands, there are a few songs I know and I cannot force myself to buy a game that I only know a handfull of songs on. Keep up the good work, but broaden your fanbase.

RedSoakedSponge4670d ago

I would own this if it was RELEASED IN THE UK!!! gah! come on already! Dont u guys care about ur uk fans!!!?!?!?!

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