How to Install Ubuntu Linux on your PS3

Do you want to install Linux on your PS3? Are you looking to expand its capabilities? Then Ubuntu Linux is a good way to do it!
This article explains the install process.

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Capt CHAOS4669d ago

But not for games, I like my 360 and online gaming on it is excellent and works really well..

Having said that, once I get my PS3, I'll certainly give the online a try and see how well that works..

Xemnas4669d ago

You can mess up your ps3 if you dont know what your doing right or is it idiot proof anyone try it yet?

Mr Marbles4669d ago

nothing on PS3 is idiot proof, this sure as hel isn't. Just downloading a demo is a major pain in the @ss on this thing, and seriously, does anyone give a rip about linux? I have a PC i can play with linux on, why the f do I need to do this on my game console, give me some flipping games already. Crap like this is why PS3 is in last place across the board.

LinuxGuru4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

Mr.Marbles, you, sir, are what is called...

A nuisance.

Leave this article to people who care.

And that's obviously not you.


@ Zemnas:

Yes, if you have everything needed to set it up, then it's actually not hard at all.

If you can read, burn a CD, type a few things, and follow're set!

Douche4669d ago

Which is better? Yellow Dog Linux, or Ubuntu Linux? Which, do you think, I should use for my PS3? And what's that big difference?

perseus4669d ago

This is idiot proof. You can't mess up anything. Unless you have managed to gain access to the higher functions of the PS3 OS, and no one else has yet, you can't do anything bad. Sony supports this fully.

As to why you would do it, the answer is simple.

The PS3 with linux installed is basically a PC that costs $400 and connects to your television to use for word processing, internet, music, and email. That's it. Nothing spectacular, but nothing to shake a stick at either.

I have installed the two major distributions, and both work great. I use a laptop for work, and my wife uses the PS3 for internet, email and work at home. I didn't feel like spending a lot of money for a new computer when mine died, so to get my gaming fix and still have a PC at home I bought the PS3.

If you have a PC, or if you're not interested in learning about a free operating system that runs better than Vista (but without the games), don't bother.

QuietStorm4669d ago

mr marbles stfu!!!!! we all know you dont have a ps3. whats so hard about downloading from psn. the only different from xbox360 and ps3 is that the 360 installs the game and ps3 you have to install itself. but of course you didnt know that.

Middleeye4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

I've installed it on my PS3 this week. It's quite easy to do... Setting the resolution to 1080p was a hastle, but I got it to work now. Surfing the web works well, and youtube works :p , and I use it to play my mp3's...

Other than that I have no real use for it. Quite cool still :)!
Anybody got any ideas?

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