2007 Record year for Video Game industry

They are easily the most anticipated numbers of the year by Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony: NPD's year-end sales figures for the video games industry. And what a story they tell.

NPD reports tonight a record $17.94 billion was spent on non-PC game hardware, software and accessories; a staggering 43 percent better than 2006.

But the real story is how much of a gap Nintendo and Microsoft continue to build against Sony's Playstation 3. NPD says Sony sold 2.56 million PS3's last year in the U.S., compared to a whopping 6.29 million Nintendo Wii's, and 4.62 million XBox 360's from Microsoft.

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Shaka2K64669d ago

Poor xlaves they are really getting desperate.

jiggyjay4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

okay lets just shun USA sales! Who cares what the biggest gaming market in the world is buying. Lets focus on Antartica I heard the PS3 outsells the 360 3:1 there! Them peguins love watching themselves on blu ray!

toughNAME4669d ago

but JJ that was funny lol

ravinash4668d ago

PS3 is catching up in the rest of the world, but it does need to work to turn things round in the US.
I'm sure things will start picking up once games like MGS4 and GT5 come out, but Sony need to pull something big to get over the fact the Xbox is made by and American company and the Live service which is probbaly big draw card for the American public.
Then again, Wii isn't American and that is out selling 360 big time!
So I'd say once there is more of an image of a wide selection of games to choose from on the PS3, and it has Home up and running, then maybe the gap will be reduced.

But you can never tell with the American public.....hell they voted for George Bush.....TWICE!

Razor49014669d ago

I dont see how beating PS3 sales last year is even an achievment.......I mean the console had a terrible linup and we all know its going to completely close the gap between PS3 & 360 this has a minimum of 20 exclusives coming this year.........oh and its funny how averyone mentions how well the 360 is doing in america without noting that PS3 has cought up with sales nearly everywhere else......and theres the extensive Japan sales lead.