Devil May Cry 4: New Famitsu Scans Show Dante's Devil Trigger

The latest issue of Famitsu, a Japanese gaming magazine, contains a two page feature on Devil May Cry 4. The second page of the scan shows Dante's Devil Trigger, and boy does it looks speedy. Check it out on the second page.

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zambrota4664d ago

2008 kicks off with great games like Burnout and DMC 4

Charlie26884664d ago

Good to see that at least with Dante things will be a little bit more traditional :)

Iron Man 24664d ago

I can't wait to get the best version of DMC4 next month,I'll give you a hint,it has ZERO loadtimes and is on a console with less than %1 hardware failure

Skerj4664d ago

I hope the weapons affect the Devil Trigger state like in DMC3, it was especially awesome with Nevan in Swordmaster.

LeonSKennedy4Life4664d ago

I hear ya man...

DMC3 was the sweetest action game ever made! Even God of War II couldn't match it for me...

Basically, I just want a fantastic storyline. Capcom knows how to do gameplay and...Hideki Itsuno (DMC, DMC3, and RE4) knows storylines. Therefore, this game will ROCK!