Simple 2000: The Japanese Software Chart

Kotaku reports: "Wii Fit has already crossed the million-sold mark in Japan and it doesn't look like it will be going away any time soon, as this past week it claimed the #1 spot, pushing a cool 90,000 copies. Not bad for a six week old game that rings up at 8,800 yen. The rest of the top ten should look awfully familiar, as the weekly releases for January 7 to 13 were... well, they were a bit light. Nonexistent-like.

You may notice, at the bottom of the top ten, that Mario Kart DS is nearing sales of 3 million copies in Japan alone. I suppose that's respectable. More of the Nintendo love-fest after the jump".

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Shaka2K64668d ago


nintendo wii needs more fun games like mario kart other wise it continues to be the biggest epic fail in the history of gaming since the virtual boy.

Iron Man 24668d ago

Only one Xbox 360 game in the top 30?LMFAO!XD

The Xbox 360 in Japan is beyond dead seriously

zambrota4668d ago

You know very well that xbox 360 does well in Na and i think MS will stick to that from now on rather than pursuing unrealistic expectations