Is GameStop Killing the Video Game Industry?

TechVat writes: "The other day I ran into an article on titled: EDITOR'S VIEW: Used Games are Damaging. This article was also linked to via Kotaku with much commenting. The premise of the article is that a game store that sells used game is killing the industry by depriving the developer of sales. There are numerous problems with this premise and I will endeavor to point them out in the following article.

GameStop has been on a roll as of late. They were the only video game retailer to earn the right to sell Wii "rain checks" just before Christmas. Nintendo (rightly) believed that GameStop, with it's long history of dealing in pre-orders, was the only store able to handle such an offering. The GameStop stock price and profits have gone up 34.7% since last holiday season. Clearly GameStop is doing very well for itself but the question remains, are they doing well based on new sales or used sales?"

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Iron Man 24669d ago

Yes they are,Gamestop's employees are a bunch of brainwashed Xbox 360 fanboys I tell ya

They also rip you off HARDCORE when you sell your used games,Gamestop is only good for buying/pre-ordering brand new games

Ri0tSquad4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

They wanted 7 bucks for my Xbox 1! I had the box, xbox system, controller, video and power cables. This was a couple of years ago too.

Shaka2K64669d ago

If i get a penny for everytime a fat loser working at gamestop tells me to get a nds over the PSP or a xrod 3rd60 over the PS3 i will be richer then bill gates i tell ya'.

pretty sad situation.

Mr Tretton4669d ago

I remember this podcast, where a guy said he was in Gamestop and heard this kid asking the employee about God of War III, if it's coming out and do they need a PS3 for it.

The employee told them, "everything comes out on Xbox 360. Just get a 360."


RecSpec4669d ago

He's trying to tell you to buy a ds because it's better than the psp.
Haha, just kidding, don't want to start that fight. Why do people complain so much about selling their games. If you don't like the price you don't have to sell it you know. Leave the people alone and let them do their jobs, if you think you can do better, put in an application there.

socomnick4668d ago

Reason is gamestop employees tend to be gamers. Gamers in the Us own xbox 360s and know how much of a failure the ps3 has been so far. Ps3 is getting better but so far if I was working at gamestop I would also recommend a xbox 360.

zPlayer4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

game stop is freaking broken. i hate Gamestop. the guys there are freaking idiots! i could explain why but i'm sure many of you have already experienced what i would have said.

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FamilyGuy4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )


DJ4669d ago

for the Slim version...and they offered me $30 bucks for it. It's smarter to just sell products to friends and acquaintances, not Gamestop.

Daishi4669d ago

But that takes time, and Gamestop feeds off the lazy. Plus why do you think so many are located in Wal-Mart/K-Mart shopping centers? So thieves would have a place to conveniently sell their lute...

RecSpec4669d ago

GameStop does have a lot of titles that you wouldn't normally find in a Wal-Mart or a target. Plus the GameStop employees in my area actually know what they are talking about for EVERY system. I kinda took that for granted, visited my family up north, went to the GameStop there. I asked a question about a DS game, the guy read the back of the case to me. I couldn't help but laugh.

BloodySinner4669d ago

Well, you can't expect them to know everything about every single game.

Daishi4669d ago

You have people there that just needed a job, and aren't really hardcore gamers.

RecSpec4669d ago

I just loved it how he read the back of the case acting like it was stuff he knew about the game. If he didn't know about the game that's cool. As you said BloodySinner, no one can know about every game, especially a niche title like Touch Detective. I found it funny that he would rather lie and act like he knew about it then say "I've never heard of this game before." He wasn't too bad though, I've dealt with worse, but thats a story for another day.

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