Fifa Street 3: Designer Interview

TXB writes- FIFA Street 3 is coming soon-it's scheduled for a February 18 release date-and Electronic Arts is starting to share some details with us, which we can pass on to you. EA also gave us the opportunity to talk to Justin Sheffield, the game's lead designer, to get a little insight into what we can expect to see when we load it up, as well as some of the design decisions that were made as the title was being developed.

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jromao4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

And if the gameplay isn't better that this there is NO way I will be buying this poor quality game.

Ball physics is simple ridiculous, players seem to be dancing instead kicking the ball, it got me some smiles, I recommend to everyone to give a look on demo (just that).

Incredible how EA release so bad quality games.

kalistyles4663d ago

and so was that crap they put out last week. NFL TOUR. I don't know about you guys but has EA Sports lost its touch the past few years. Nothing is even close to good anymore. Every sports game is crap nowadays.

Kotaku4662d ago

Poor last gen game/waste of money

rawd4662d ago

I played the demo aswell, it was fun for about 2 minutes.

English players only wish they could move like that in real life! Only Brazilians can move like that.. Samba boys

doublertist4662d ago

why are the graphix worse on fifa street 3 than on fifa street(origional)? total crap EA....

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