VG Chartz reaction to the latest Decemeber NPD figures

According to VG Chartz:
NPD data for the USA, covering December 2nd to January 5th 2008 has arrived. As expected, Vgchartz data was quite accurate for hardware sales for the period. Despite the historical trend of sales doubling from November to December, not all platforms followed the trend this year – and both NPD and VGC data agree on this point. The reason is in the timing – with an early Black Friday and 11 days of sales after Christmas, there was no way sales were going to double across the board from November to December. Still, PSP and PS2 did roughly double their sales from November. PS3, DS, Xbox 360 and especially the supply constrained Wii fell well short of doubling November NPD USA sales however. In fact, adjusted for the fact that Wii sold for five weeks in December vs. four weeks in November, sales were hardly up at all on an average weekly basis. NPD showed just under 250,000 Wiis sold per week in November, but for the December period, the average only bumped up to 270,000 Wiis sold per week in December. Xbox 360 jumped from under 200,000 per week in November to just over 250,000 per week in December – about a 30% increase – again no where near double. DS, despite a huge volume increase, really only increased by about 60% per week. Here are the hardware numbers as reported by NPD and VGC for December. NPD total estimates are for the USA and Canada (which hasn't been released yet) using the percentage Canadian sales made up of the portion of USA + Canada November sales.

NPD USA Est. NPD Total Vgchartz VGC/NPD Est
DS 2,470,000 2,650,310 2,876,040 1.08
Wii 1,350,000 1,453,950 1,638,849 1.13
Xbox 360 1,260,000 1,349,460 1,289,156 0.96
PS2 1,100,000 1,162,700 951,764 0.82
PSP 1,060,000 1,118,300 960,885 0.86
PS3 797,600 876,562 774,795 0.88

Well it seems VG Chartz are somehow accurate and are just off a bit in comparison with the NPD data.

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ktchong5066d ago

VG Chartz is getting better at this.

wageslave5066d ago

There software data was terrible.

Filanime035066d ago

wageslave u are right their software data is currently terrible this month but in the past they are right on par but their console sale tracking are improving.

zambrota5066d ago

Vgchartz were almost dead right with ps3 and xbox 360 sales

However Vgchartz overestimated wii sales by 200,000 units

Vg underestimated xbox 360 sales by 50,000 /80,000 units

Vg underestimated Ps3 sales by 100,000/150,000 units

wageslave5066d ago

Not a single PS3 title in the Top Ten. Ouch.

Filanime035066d ago

VG Chartz are getting better tracking console sales but they seem to be overtracking the Wii and DS alot. But this time they are right on par with the ps3 and the 360. If u guys will click the link they also did a comparison on the top software sales. The only thing VGChartz need to improve is tracking sotware in which they are way off this time.

power of Green 5066d ago

VG charts have been close then off the next time by too much before.

LOL "VG Charts has been spot on with consoles"

^^ the Wii isn't a console?, doesn't prove sh8t even more so considering oversea's markets lol.

power of Green 5066d ago

You know whats going to happan when or if VG starts reporting numbers showing PS3 trailing so why put yourselfs through this?.

SWORDF1SH5066d ago

aint you the guy that tried tellin everybody that vg charts is over estimating the ps3 and under estimating the 360 in sales. take a look at the sales for yourself. do you still think that? or are you still one of the blind billy bum boys

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The story is too old to be commented.