New Bungie update plus they're first Podcast

Oh crikey. It's the first ever Bungie Podcast. They did a sneak preview a few weeks back, but thanks to Jay Weinland, Marty O'Donnell and C Paul Johnson, They finally got the first one edited together.

Also some more info on the new Halo 3 logo and development

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calderra5854d ago

I have a Verizon phone so I'm particularly looking forward to getting some ringtones. Whee!!!

Note to "crazyman": They're going to get their friends to go over there.
There- An indication of place or direction. "Over there".
Their- Shows ownership. "Their grammar."
They're- A contraction for "They are".

crazyman5854d ago

whoops I realy did't' check that I just copied the short description at the start and replaced we with they