Endless Ocean's Online Mode

Matt Casamassina of IGN writes:

"Nintendo's Endless Ocean, a non-game exploration of a virtual ocean, is set to debut for Wii in just a few days, and in prepping for our forthcoming review, we toyed around with the game's two-player online cooperative mode. So what's it all about? It really couldn't be simpler. You and a friend dive into the waters below your boat and swim amongst the sea life while investigating coral formations, caves, underwater ruins, and more. If you're expecting an action-packed endeavor from Endless Ocean, you will be sorely disappointed with the end product. However, if you're down for a slow-paced scuba-diving affair in which meeting and cataloging fish is every bit as important as finding artifacts or escorting other divers, you might just like this atmospheric effort from Japanese development studio Arika."

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