Samurai Warriors Katana Review from IGN: Mediocre

Bozon of IGN writes:

"Samurai Warriors: Katana has a ton of potential on Wii, and we think of this first entry as a decent proof of concept for what we hope becomes a deeper, more polished experience in the future. We'll admit that we were skeptical with this one, as Koei's Dynasty Warriors (and Samurai Warriors, by extension) franchise isn't known for its polish, and the final product could have been a total failure if proper care wasn't put into it. In the end, Katana brings forth a ton of great gameplay ideas, but in an attempt to deliver too many concepts it ends up being very buggy and unreliable throughout. Character A.I. is almost non-existent, the amount of enemy models is staggeringly small (tons of clones to be found), bosses are re-used, and the general gameplay ends up boiling down to mashing A and B, and occasionally swinging the Wii remote. At the same time, there's some fun to be had here, and there's no denying that with more attention to detail, pride in the visual presentation, and more focused design the Katana series could evolve into something truly unique on Wii. Knowing that this is most-certainly the first of many games in the series, and taking into account the full $50 price point ($30 is far more realistic, and $20 would be even better) we'll encourage you to pass on this one, and wait for the inevitable sequel. It's a decent rental, and an interesting product to hunt for in bargain bins later down the line; nothing more."

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