PlayStation 3 Still Far Behind

IGN writes:
The yearly NPD numbers for 2007 are in, and to no one's surprise, the PlayStation 3 remains solidly in last place in hardware sales. Though numbers were up during the holiday shopping season, percentage gains of course raised for all three current-gen systems, gaining Sony little ground in the current console war.

Sony's three currently supported systems, the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PSP, were all outside by the Xbox 360, Wii and Nintendo DS during 2007, with the DS leading hardware sales with 8.5 million total units sold. The annual 2007 hardware sales numbers were as follows:

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xplosneer4662d ago

Everyone read: US SALES K?

zambrota4662d ago

But ps3 is 2nd in terms of worldwide sales

there is no need for unnecessary debate and fuss

wageslave4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

The USA is by-far the largest market. Larger than all of Europe. Far larger than Japan.

For everyone who says "Xbox 360 is dead in Japan, ha ha ha", they need to give their head a shake; it is VASTLY worse for Sony that they are barely holding on in the USA. Without a strong position in the USA market, the PS3 will fail.

And it looks like that is going to happen... it's do or die for PS3 in 2008.


Are you for real? Care to explain that? It is right to say "Europe is the largest Economy / Population", but the Game Industry is largest in the USA.

MikeMichaels4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

....but as of the last generation of consoles, Europe is the worlds largest market.

Just sayin.

PRONE pslegiondotcom
"@MikeMicheals: europe is a large market, but due to its structure(difference in language between countries for example) it should be considered a big combo of markets"

Yeah, it's called Europe. *rolls eyes*

Account deleted4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

just one thing: do you remember what happened with the sega dreamcast? can you tell us this story?
well it is quite known around here, and i have to say the us is the largest market, but with europe and japan in play, the tides seems a whole lot different than when you just consider the US. i don't mean to be mean but your arrogant american ass won't decide what will happen in the console wars..again,, can't you tell me what happened with the dreamcast?

@MikeMicheals: europe is a large market, but due to its structure(difference in language between countries for example) it should be considered a big combo of markets which have a decisive impact on the war, and when adding japan into the equation, it becomes an inequation in someone's favor..... :d, anyway where do you come from? me i am french, chez mr sarko :p

edit: some disagrees huuuh, keep on dreaming and lying to yourselves and i am gonna help you in this: the us is the the only country in the world, other continents have yet to be uncovered... end of sarcasm

pschampion4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

in general i agree with you.. but there are some tiny little things, but well said anyway

Hatchetforce4662d ago

So the PS3 is passing the 360 sales at that consoles same time in it's life and people think that is a bad sign?

Keep looking for a ray of sunshine there buttercup. Unless you own a PS3 you are not going to find one. Get ready for groundhog day. It is going to seem like PS2 days all over again. And again. And again.

As the PS3 sales take off, studios switch to the PS3 as their primary dev platform, DVD9 starts to die even faster, and the hottest titles are PS3 exclusives there is nothing ahead but rough seas and stormy weather for the 360 crowd.

iMad4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

SonyDefense force is a lame. Methods they use are effective but will punch back on themselves soon. Because people can think and will realise soon that SonyDefenceForce is a group of 50 mugs who lives on internet and uses black PR methods. They constantly give here uncorrect info and their crap opinions in order to protect their loosing PS3. Total mugs. Normal PS3 fanboy much better because he can see the facts, just plays PS3 games and waits for more good games for PS3 to come.

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kevoncox4662d ago

More tears about it...
The ps3 was out sold ethis year. Face it.
Us, Uk, World wide.....

Reason 1) The 360 had a lower price point

Reason 2) The ps3 only went on sale in Europe in March

Reason 3) The grounds gain did not begin until Much of the year was over and the $400.00 ps3 was released

Reason 4) When the ps3 out sold the 360 is was not enough to make up for the 3 month head start in Europe, the poor sales in Japan( remember the ps3 was selling around 9K in Japan for most of the years to the 360's 2,500) and the 3 months head start,

Face it and stop complaining. @008 is looking like a great year for the ps3. All of the grea ps3 games are scheduled to be released this year along with amazing multipat games. Just enjoy but please stop crying.

zambrota4662d ago

ps3 was outsold by xbox 360 in Na (including us and canada)

as for UK there is no concrete data with Gfk projecting that they are almost even

However ps3 outsold xbox 360 elsewhere except australia

kevoncox4662d ago

your math is funny...

It was outsold in the US.
It pulled even in Europe
and it sold almost nothing in Japan.
1.7 to about MS 750 or Million.

So how wasn't it ousold?

poos34662d ago

lets celebrate that th ebest gaming console on the market the xbox 360 has dominated hardware sales and software sales over it rival the ps3 and hope it will continue in 2008 as the rrod issues are over this yeaR the 360 will sell a truck load as its software release for 08 is the best lineup

Rice4662d ago

Im not surprised with this, it might lag behind in us but its doing great everywhere else... but with great games coming outt this year ps3 might be able to close the gap and might be behind a couple 100 000 units.

wageslave4662d ago

The PS3 is roughtly 10 Million consoles behind world-wide!

The Xbox 360 would have to sell ZERO CONSOLES in 2008 while the PS3 sells MORE THAN TWICE its present rate in order to be "a couple 100k behind" this year.


Why? Because of the Games! Developers *cannot* risk *not* releasing their titles on Xbox 360. There are a few sequel deals that Sony will have for 2008, but when/if those dont do Flat-Out-Gang-Buster-Great, it will cost Sony the rest of its 3rd party support.

Face it, the PS3 is solidly in 3rd, that is not going to change.

games4fun4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

at people who take npd numbers and ignore the rest of the world i may be American but it doesn't mean i automatically can ignore the world when taking data into account and were talking sales of 2008 that it beat 360 worldwide everyone realizes that 360 has a lead from being out a year early woopdie-doo its beating in the here and now i personally look to the future sales and it will destroy the competition

@wageslave developers like insomniac, konami and square right face it sony got the exclusives in the bag this year

robbo9184661d ago

Wageslave should rename him/herself to Gatesslave...and I like how you round up 7.26 million difference worldwide to 10 million and call it roughly, sure just toss you and Billy an extra 2.74 MILLION units.

LightningPS34662d ago

I'm getting pretty pumped about the PS3. It's putting up respectable numbers now in the United States, which is the consoles weakness.

Worldwide it's doing better.

And the best part is that I only see the PS3 getting better and better. While the 360 has pretty much reached it's prime.

Rice4662d ago

The thing is, its only the beginning for the ps3, developers are getting a hang of the cell, better advertisment such as better made commercials and excellent 1st party and 3rd party exclusives.

rushbd4662d ago

hey man (or are u a girl?) Are you alright? You are really speaking in a different tune today. good to see that change. :P

eagle214662d ago

PS3 had excellent attatch rates in December (like 4 games) and killed hd dvd in one holiday. AC (over 400k in U.S. december), COD 4 (522k in U.S. december alone), both close to 2 million. PES, FIFA, NFS over 1 million...First party games right at 1 million. What more can they ask for when October was the start of outselling 360 worldwide each week and October/November was the start of huge first party AAA games?