New Crisis Core trailer focuses on Zack and Angeal

PSP Fanboy writes:
Can you feel it? Crisis Core has been long in the making, and it's finally coming over to the States. This brand new CG trailer focuses on the Shin-Ra soliders, Zack and Angeal. How they tie into the Final Fantasy VII universe will all be revealed when the game launches this March. Retailers are taking pre-orders -- check your favorite one and get ready to make a deposit!

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Iron Man 24669d ago

One of my most anticipated PSP games of 2008,I can't wait!:D

Rice4669d ago

PSP is gonna have a great year. Theres like skype, God of war, Crisis core, GPS i think, and 16gb memory stick?

TheHater4669d ago

I played the Japanese version of this game, and I love it. I will be getting the English version to understand what the hell they were saying.

Bonsai12144669d ago

why do they look so alike.. i've always gotten Zack and Angeal confused... maybe i haven't been following this game as closely as i should be.. haha

eagle214669d ago

Can't wait...This is the year I must finish games fast; with the HEAT Sony has all year.

Rice4669d ago

Just not heat from sony but heat from your wallet.