4 more unannounced characters to appear in MGS4

Ryan Payton has confirmed on the Kojima Productions podcast that there are 4 more unannounced characters which will appear in MGS4. They are said to play "major roles" in the game.

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pwnsause4664d ago

I bet you one of them is Big Boss, they resurrect him from the dead, just like Grey Fox

Iron Man 24664d ago

MGS4 is going to be so awesome,I can't wait!:D

calis4664d ago

ahh I have no patience to wait for this game.

I Make Stuff Up4664d ago

which previous MGS versions should I really play to get a good feel for what's going on?

Account deleted4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

you should play 'em all, that's what i will do :d :d :d
mgs4 is a direct sequel to mgs2, so you should play it, but on the other hand mgs is complex story(its #1 merit) so I think in the end playing 'em all shouldn't hurt, all of 'em are truly fantastic.. even mgs2 when kojima(you eccentric mean lil one) stabbed us in the back, urrrgggh snake...

ps: note that there are different versions of mgs3 so you should think it through and choose the version(gameplay style ie camera) you like the most..

Skerj4664d ago

If you're tackling MGS4 without prior knowledge I strongly suggest playing them all, especially in order and around the release so the storyline will be fresh in your mind. MGS3, MGS, and MGS2. If you have or can track down MGS3:Subsistence then all the better since you can play MG1 and MG2 as well. MGS4 will also have flashbacks to the previous games in the cutscenes to catch people up to speed in case you miss a game or forget something.

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The story is too old to be commented.