Sony Responds To December NPD Sales, Seems Pleased

Sony isn't going to let a sales drubbing from the Wii and Xbox 360 this past December get it down. The company did quite alright, by its own accord and thinks the best is yet to come, so says its NPD Group sales response. Sony points out PlayStation total hardware revenue was $714 million for the month, which is not pocket change, by any means and a figure that surpasses both Nintendo and Microsoft's hardware revenue.

* December 2007 was the biggest month for PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3) since launch, with 798K hardware units sold in December; this represents an increase of 60% over December of last year. With upcoming titles like Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Devil May Cry 4, Burnout Paradise, and HAZE as well as current momentum for Blu-ray, there is a great deal of enthusiasm for the PS3 as we enter the new year.

* PlayStation total software revenue in December was $822 million, sales nearly doubled compared to last month's sales.

* PlayStation platforms had three software titles in the top ten list across all consoles for the month of December: Guitar Hero III for PS2 sold 800K units, Madden NFL 08 for PS2 sold 655K units and Call of Duty 4 on PS3 sold 522K units.

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toughNAME4663d ago

Sony doesn't usually respond right away...odd

iMad4663d ago

SonyDefense force is a lame. Methods they use are effective but will punch back on themselves soon. Because people can think and will realise soon that SonyDefenceForce is a group of 50 mugs who lives on internet and uses black PR methods. They constantly give here uncorrect info and their crap opinions in order to protect their loosing PS3. Total mugs. Normal PS3 fanboy much better because he can see the facts, just plays PS3 games and waits for more good games for PS3 to come.

Iron Man 24663d ago

Sony did alright,they will do much better later on this year

rofldings4663d ago

What's the problem if the PS3 outsold the 360 worldwide in December, Kotaku?

zambrota4663d ago

2007 was a good year for SONY

2008 would be phenomenal with Mgs4 and Killzone 2

original seed4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

"PlayStation platforms had three software titles in the top ten list across all consoles.."

Buy more PS3 games Tanod!!!!

edit- ha ha. How can you disagree on something that made me laugh? Or is it that Tanod shouldn't buy more PS3 games. This site is too funny.

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akaFullMetal4663d ago

sony did ok, and by saying ok, that is not really that good, yes it did beat the 360 first year which had no compitition, now we should really see if sony will rise up this year with all the ps heavy hitters.

kevoncox4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

How did it beat the 360's first year?
360 shipped 11million first year and sold about 9 million first year.

Sony sold 2.6 million in NA and is aroung 1.5 million in Japan.
I doubt Europe has moved 5 million Ps3's

he ps3 is behind lets deal in facts.

At below

Smell that ownage?
Ign agrees that it's Farrrrrrr behind. This is the ps3 site.
Did i mention that a 360 price cut may be coming. Ms is killing themselves by not cutting the price. However, the ps3 isn't making ground on the 360 so they don't care. Take it from someone that just sold his 360 for a ps3.

If i had 10 inch d*ck and you had d*ck 50% the size of mine, you still have a 5 inch d*ck.


Tell that to the drunk wh*re who is looking for a good time tonight( developers)I don't think the developers of Call of duty 5 cares where the sales at the end of 2008 when their game is going to be released during 2008. Also, The same penis growth pills sony used Ms still has available(major price cut). So sit back and remember if you have a msall d*ck make sur eyou eat p*ssy good(blu-ray)

rofldings4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

Really, now you've gone from pulling facts out of your ass to pulling numbers out of your ass?

Last I checked, the PS3 was at 3.59 million in the US; 3.84 million in Europe; and 1.79 million in Japan.

Funny how the PS3 has almost 50% of the 360's lifetime sales in Europe and it hasn't even been out in Europe for ONE year yet. While the 360 has been selling for two years.

Edit: @Below - Ah, I got confused because he used lifetime sales of the 360 instead of 2006 sales for the 360, which he happened to use for the PS3 (2007).

@Above, still don't understand NPD sales are US only, eh? Btw, your penis analogy is trumped when my "5 inch d*ck" happens to be growing a lot faster than yours. Expect my "d*ck" to be larger than yours within 2008.

original seed4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

In 2007 2.56 million PS3 were sold in the U.S, NOT 3.59 million. Lifetime sales are 3.25 million. NPD numbers posted on IGN. But then again IGN are "Xbots" right. Isn't that what is popular on this site.

OatLoops4663d ago

You guys have me cracking up lol.

titntin4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

kevoncox - please stop deluding yourself and talking drivel as if its fact.

Its been stated on many an occasions, but you seem incapable of understanding: NPD = US sales figures, not world wide sales.
No one can dispute that the 360 is hugely popular and outselling the PS3 in the states - the NPD figures plainly show this.

However, if you do want to look at world wide sales, there is much more momentum in PS3 sales which is what offers some balance if viewed in a world wide context. Making a statement on world wide numbers and then linking to a report of NPD, would suggest you either don't know the difference, or you simply don't want to.

As for your denial that the PS3's first year world wide sales matched or beat the first year sales of the 360, this has been established on this site and many others for some time - the figures don't lie and they are easilly varifiable. God help me for linking to VGChartz but take a look at this graph which shows worldwide units sold with the release dates aligned..
..Its clearly shows the consoles 'neck and neck' with the PS3 starting to pull ahead. Of course if the PS3 ever expects to catch the 360 numbers it needs to pull ahead even further, but all the figures show that the PS3 DID match or exceed the 360's first year sales. It's also a fact that the 360's first year sales were without competition, but the PS3 was hampered by bad press, few games and compettiton from the Wii and the 360's amazing gaming line up.
To sell as awell as it did, might be thought off as a miricale, given the circumstances!
Indicators suggest that theres a big swell in peoples intention to buy the PS3 in its second year, but the 360's second year has seen it sell less than its first, despite impressive software sales and an amazing line up.
The states is 360 land (well its wii land actiually) and I can't see that changing for a long time as the 360 is still gainign a lead with each passing month! But one of the interesting things about this generation is the differences between the continants, and Europe clearly has the PS3 gaining ground at an alarming rate.

Who will 'win'?
I don't know and I can't really say I care, as I own and play all the machines. It's clear that none of these platforms are going to 'die' and thats important - if you pay good money for a machine theres nothing worse than having the support dropped too early. If I had to bet money on who will have the biggest world wide install base in 5 years, I'd bet on Sony and think my money was safe, but its a not a life or death opinion thats needs to be defended untill the last blood!

So chill dude - learn to see NPD as US only, and open your eyes to the bigger picture, don't let Fanboys befuddle your mind!

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