Microsoft Opens up to Outsiders: Microsoft Brings in Fresh Blood

Forbes, Wendy Tanaka 01.17.08, 7:00 PM ET

It's been years since Microsoft was a band of Bill Gates' buddies. The Redmond, Wash.-software company has long relied on a tight-knit circle of veterans for leadership, but increasingly, Microsoft is looking outside its campus - even its industry - for executives. Half of the top 10 slots are now held by people who have worked at the software giant for fewer than four years. Deeper in the company, more newbies are helping lead divisions including Microsoft's Xbox and Web efforts. Strict software experience is no longer required: These Microsoft executives hail from a wide range of industries including retail, technology, and entertainment.

Words: Victoria Barret

[ The report introduces the high-profile executives who are replacing the original founding members of Microsoft who are departing or retiring. ]

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slak4664d ago

Is this good or bad???

WilliamRLBaker4664d ago

new blood can only be good if they are compitent.

Raupet4664d ago

It's vital to diversify the genome, you know ^^ Don't need more of them inbreds like Ballmer :P