Nintendo Responsible For 60 Percent Of Industry Growth In 2007

You've seen the numbers. So what is Nintendo's take? In addition to gloating over the fact of having reached first and second place in the overall hardware sales charts, Nintendo revealed that they accounted for 60 percent of industry growth in 2007. That's pretty remarkable with two other major players on the market. But not so surprising either when you just take a look at DS sales. More fun facts after the jump.

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ItsDubC4665d ago

No surprise really. The Wii caught everyone off guard, and both the DS console and its games continue to sell well consistently.

Syko4665d ago

The problem is the Wii caught the developers off guard also. Which led to a lot of crap games. Which lead to the gems on the Wii getting buried in the mess. Such a shame too because when you play a game like Zelda:TP or Mario Galaxy you see how sweet the Wiimote/Nunchuk setup can be.

Oh well, It is really no surprise that the Wii is hot. It is part of Pop-Culture at this point. Plus Nintendo makes a profit on their Hardware...Where as MS and Sony use the sell and pray method.

ItsDubC4665d ago

Ya unfortunately there is STILL a lot of crap in development for the Wii because I think a lot of devs still see the Wii as an opportunity to make that quick buck. Some other news story said that over 60 Wii titles will be coming out in the 1st half of 2008 and I struggle to come up w/ 20 Wii titles at the moment that I suspect to be worth buying, which leaves 40 or so titles that may or may not be crap.

Granted, 20 good games in half a year for a console is excellent, so that's plenty to keep me busy. Since Nintendo has really eased up on its quality control after seeing how well the PS1 and PS2 did w/ similar quality control (or lack thereof) standards, I think the Wii's software library is destined to have a lot of subpar titles for every great title it has. The PS1 and PS2 were successful w/ that kind of ratio.

PS360WII4665d ago

Big numbers by Nintendo and congrats to that ^^

On a side note it does seem that for the months of the holiday season Wii never sold more than 1.8 million so it really does seem that the shortage is the real deal and they were not holding stock back for Christmas. Rumor ended.