Gears of War 2 This Summer? - Psychic Predictions for 2008

Games Radar writes:

"Each and every New Year, members of the gaming press begin tripping over themselves in hopes of predicting the big things in the coming dozen. Be it right, wrong, vague or obvious - you're sick of reading them, we're sick of reading them. So in one fell swoop, GamesRadar has told every other aspiring '08 Nostradamus to suck it long, and suck it hard: We got psychics."

"Ignoring the tired tradition of basing predictions on facts, intuition or consulting with experts, we went to three bonafide, honest-to-God clairvoyants to deliver you The Truth about what's in store for 2008. Super market tabloids do it. Even the cops have been known to refer to a medium once the corpse sniffing dog shits the bed. And we're proud to declare it just as applicable to our goofy little Business of Game."

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LightningPS34671d ago

I don't like XBOX 360. I have one but I'm getting ready to change to PS3.

toughNAME4671d ago

keep comments like this to yourself

I don't know if your trying to get some PS3 fanboy friends or if its all solely for attention...but stop

someone put a lot of work into this submission and its ruined by your idiotic comment

360Crusader4670d ago

Then stay the hell outta 360 threads. You envious prick.

iMad4670d ago

SonyDefense force is a lame. Methods they use are effective but will punch back on themselves soon. Because people can think and will realise soon that SonyDefenceForce is a group of 50 mugs who lives on internet and uses black PR methods. They constantly give here uncorrect info and their crap opinions in order to protect their loosing PS3. Total mugs. Normal PS3 fanboy much better because he can see the facts, just plays PS3 games and waits for more good games for PS3 to come.

Spike474671d ago

Epic said they're working on a PS3 project that has to do with gears but not a sequel.

2k refuses to deny a ps3 port of bioshock.

Kojima stated 4 or more times that mgs4 is going eclusively on the ps3.

and the ps3 has one of the best lineups in 2008.

There is no way gears 2 can arrive this summer, it's literally impossible unless epic rushes it and ms pays to hype up the game and pay scifi to host another one of those game previews for it.

TheXgamerLive4671d ago

Your constant changing of facts always cracks me up, LOL!!!

If anything your post/comments are always good for a laugh:)

Iron Man 24671d ago

It doesn't matter XGamer,Bioshock is best on PC just like all the other so called"Xbox 360 exclusives"and Bioshock 2 has a high chance of coming to the PS3 also

Anyways,Gears Of War 4v4 online with lag?Pass!

TheXgamerLive4671d ago

Unless of course the famed Psychic Sylvia Brown said it, LOL!!! That lady is such a friggin joke.

Equinoxe_74671d ago

Is GoW 2 comming to Playstation 3, I didn't know that, oh maybe im wrong.

bloop4671d ago

I cannot see Gears 2 releasing that early (as much as I'd like it to). In fact, I can't see Gears 2 releasing anytime before the end of this year (as much as I want it to). It's not like this is a Fifa game that just gets a few add ons every year. This is Epics baby and they're going to want to surpass everyones expectations, which will take time, instead of just throwing in a few upgrades etc. (well I hope that's the case anyway)

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The story is too old to be commented.