Streaming Media Guide

The recent Xbox 360 Dashboard Update and PS3 Firmware 2.1 Update have added quite a bit of new media functionality to their respective systems. They've always been able to stream media, such as music, photos, and videos to your TV, but now they're able to handle more codecs and formats than before. Gamer 2.0 go over a few options to help you get that digital media from your PC to your TV.

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AmpedMan4664d ago

Do you think the ability to remotely add functionality to these consoles will delay their successors? Even with minor hardware updates/changes, the PS3s and Xbox 360s are just coming out as newer models of themselves, not completely new consoles. Makes me think that this console cycle will be the longest yet.

CrashSpyro1234664d ago

It can happen, but it really depends on if MS wants it to last that long.

AlexQuevedo4662d ago

I have to fix my computer/360 compatibility.

Gammbit4662d ago

I was never able to get my 360 streaming. They didn't make it easy. As far as I could tell, I needed the Zune software, which is insane.

In any case, I hear the new Microsoft unit is alreayd in development, so I don't think this generation will be anything near the last. Longest, likely.