PS2 Outsells PS3 Three to One

Some interesting sales figures from Sony New Zealand reveal that the PS2 is outselling the PS3 three to one. The PS2 is New Zealand's Wii. has the details.

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LightningPS34669d ago

some people just don't go next gen

HarryEtTubMan4669d ago

omg The PS3 is ONE YEAR OLD with no big games until this year, ITS GOING TO SALE FINE!!!!

Close_Second4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

...that until October 2007 the PS3 was still $1399 (NZD). Even though they are a more respectable $799 the PS2 sells for as little as $150 new. The PS2 still provides excellent value for money for those not interested in next gen gaming. Especially when it means you also have to (ideally) get an HDTV to enjoy it.

Also, New Zealand is such a small gaming market that any stats that suggest 3:1 sales could actually mean that 3 PS2's were sold. We still don't even have dedicated PSN servers - we have to connect to those in Australia.

Play B3yond4669d ago

Hey wuteva,as long as Sony's earnin cash dats a good thing

DrDreadlox4669d ago

The PS3 is still really expensive in NZ, at $799. Also its not even a year old over here, so its still only apealling to hardcore early adopters.
Another point is that we only get the 40Gb sku, so i wont be surprised if many nz hardcore gamers would rather import thier ps3 from usa or asia. That would make ps3 sales seem very small.

I myself would have bought a ps3 in singapore if I wasnt interested in bluray movies.

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toughNAME4669d ago which side are the xbots? :S

games4fun4669d ago

is why Sony as a company will do fine for every rocky start they have, the one before it will keep it aloft till its library is full of the exclusives then the migration occurs it always like this

Spike474669d ago

Bad thing is most of those gamers at first migrated to xbox360 and wii.

But since ps2s are still selling than it can still work.

XerockX4669d ago

one thing a lot of people forget is that the majority of people buying these systems are not gamers. Especially in december. I work with a guy who told me "I finally broke down and bought my son a ps2 this christmas."

all I could do was laugh.

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The story is too old to be commented.