Microsoft Responds To December NPD Sales, Seems Pleased


With solid sales of 1.26 million Xbox 360s this past December and impressive software sales from Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3 on the console, Microsoft seems pretty up on news from the NPD Group that it was responsible for a couple extra billion in revenue. In their response to recently released sales figures, the company points out it did $4.8 billion in sales on its platform, more than Wii, more than PlayStation 3.

§ "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" for Xbox 360 was the leading game last month with 1.5 million copies sold, outselling the PS3 version nearly 3:1.

§ "Assassin's Creed" for Xbox 360 was the fourth best selling title, having sold 894,000 units. It outsold the PS3 version more than 2:1.

§ "Guitar Hero III" outsold the PS3 nearly 2:1, having sold 625,000 copies.

§ "Rockband" continues to rock the charts, selling 463,000 units for the Xbox 360 platform, compared to 174,000 units for the PS3

o To date, 33 third party games on Xbox 360 hit the top

o Xbox 360 continues to lead in number of games sold per console, setting another record with an attach rate of 7.0 games per console.

o Xbox 360 won 2007 with $4.8 billion in total consumer spend compared to Wii with $3.5 billion and PlayStation 3 with $2.2 billion. This wraps up a historic year, with NPD reporting consumers have spent nearly 45 percent of total industry figures on Xbox 360

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niall774664d ago

but 7.0 games per console...... dang thats good

zambrota4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

see the global charts at Vgchartz

Wii won 2007 xmas followed by ps3 and x360

wii won us market in 2007 followed by x360 and then ps3

Globally in 2007

Wii>>>>>PS3 > x360 ||ps3~x360 (WORLDWIDE IN 2007)

However there is no denying that Halo3 ruled software sales in 2007

There is also no denying that MS ruled Na in terms of software sales.

well 2008 might be different but MS did very well in 2007 with xbox 360

ravenguard884664d ago

What kind of a douche would have disagreed with you?

This site is getting out of control...

TheSadTruth4664d ago

The Agree/Disagree system is good because it shows the bias on the site. It's kind of sad there are actually bunches of little kids out there and MANY more that will disagree with logic, 7.0 games per consumer is AMAZING for any console and I would say that it almost seems unreal that people are buying that many games for the Xbox 360. Even when everything is going the PS3s way in terms of press, Xbox 360 is still earning money and market share and that's always impressive.

IntelligentAj4664d ago

Yeah. 7 games is a crazy rate. I'm surprised at that number. Great job MS. Now keep it up. I they piling it up, Sony will counter more forcefully which in the end would be good for all gamers(X360 and PS3 users)

dantesparda4663d ago

That also shows just how much of a "hardcore" system the 360 is. So while that's good for MS that they are selling software and all. It could also be a bad thing that its a "hardcore gamers" machine, cuz that means that the "casual" masses arent the ones buying it. Its the "casuals" that'll get you into the 50 millions & the 100 milions. So beware, cuz its a double edged sword.

Fat Bastard4663d ago

I will admit the 360 had a much better year than the PS3 in terms of sales, and they do have quite the head start, but don't expect it to stay that way. As I see it, that was the last year Microsoft will be happy with their sales, cause the PS3 will own 2008.

As a side note; DON'T SEE CLOVERFIELD. It came out today and I swear is the stupidest, worst, most horrible movie I've ever seen, so don't waste your money. It sucked balls big time.

4663d ago
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HarryEtTubMan4664d ago

"Only in the US....where it has been out twice as long"

PS3 will PWN in 2008.

TheXgamerLive4664d ago

I understand now:))

you Dumbass.

toughNAME4664d ago

"Xbox 360 won 2007 with $4.8 billion in total consumer spend compared to Wii with $3.5 billion and PlayStation 3 with $2.2 billion. This wraps up a historic year, with NPD reporting consumers have spent nearly 45 percent of total industry figures on Xbox 360"

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LightningPS34664d ago

360 puts up very solid software sales in North America, I mean that's why people buy it. It had the best game lineup in 2007.

But I personally like PS3 better and feel that the console is on the rise, turning 2008 into the console with the best game lineup.

socomnick4664d ago

I must admit the 2008 release schedule for the ps3 is pretty nice. one must ask themselves though how many of these titles will get delayed into 2009. I estimate that quite a few will. Also dont knock Microsofts 2008 game release schedule just yet since so much of its schedule remains under secrecy.

zambrota4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

PS3 has the best lineup for 2008.

ofcourse xbox 360 had the best gaming lineup for 2007.

bubbles for you alice


that is unlikely since many of the 2008 ps3 titles were originally dated for 2007 eg Killzone 2,Mgs4,afrika ,lbp etc

wageslave4664d ago

The Xbox 360 has a great line-up for 2008. Lets wait until the end of the year and see how well both platforms do... there are sure to be disappointments on both sides.

BUT, lets see what the GotY lists say, and more importantly lets see what the Metacritic scores say about the two 2008 Libraries.

I'd be willing to wager money that the Xbox 360 will continue to dominate... There may be good reasons (PS3's sequals) why the PS3 will improve, but there is ZERO reason to think that Xbox 360 wont ALSO continue to do well, and improve its over-all situation.

AceLuby4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

You mean sell less consoles than the year before. As good as 2007 was for M$ there is one glaring thing that I notice that is never addressed: They sold less HW than the launch year (w/ price cuts) and that's almost unheard of for consoles. So while those gamers are obviously buying brand new games at an amazing pace it will be interesting to see how HW sales go for the 360 this year. For that matter it will be interesting to see if Sony does the same as the 360 did last year and drop in sales.

It will also be interesting to see how the 360 tries to grab the casual market to get a 360 into EVERY home. The PS3 has a blu-ray player which has obviously helped sales of HW (I like to call it the blu-ray effect), so if the PS3 actually can eclipse the 360 in HW sales it will be interesting to see how developers react.

What I can GUARANTEE though: Great exclusives will be brought to both systems and both systems will have great games to play. So if you want to play all the great games to come out you'll have to get both.

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