More Resistance 2 Info: Some Rumours Put to Rest


"The big reveal of Resistance 2 was a sight to behold on the forums. "Shock and Awe" might be an appropriate catch phrase, though that may be copyrighted for another invasion.

In all the commotion some details got lost in a web of forum excited-ness. Insomniac enlighten us on some misconceptions, in addition to letting us in on some new nuggets of information."

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Iron Man 24664d ago

A top notch,high quality game like Resistance 2 belongs on the PS3,just like Gears Of War(4v4 online matches with UNBELIEVABLE lag)belongs on the Xbox 360,I can't wait to pick up Resistance 2 for my PS3,I had a blast with the first one both online and off,and Insomniac has never failed to impress:)

TheXgamerLive4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

You have no idea about Gears of War, none at all in fact you can't speak of lag, b/c that was fixed soon after release and the DLC for GoW was/is incredible and looks and plays fantastic.

R-FOM is a good game for the ps3, it needed something like this to make it have mass appeal to hardcore gamers. Was it a great game, NO, not by any means but a good game sure. So don't go off trying to pretend it was the end all to be all of shooters. KZ2 and MGS4 will be a hell of a lot better. Even the described game R-FOM2 isn't up to Gears graphics and game play BUT!!, It will still be a good game for ps3 owners to have.

You also have your facts wrong about Resistance but you have alot of other things wrong too, so just forget it.

Greek994664d ago

'Even the described game R-FOM2 isn't up to Gears graphics and game play'

Wow, what a smart comment. Do you got prove that Gears looks better? I doubt it. Gears looks no better than UT3 or Rachet an Clank. Please stop with the ''Gears graphics than superior than this and that''comments.

Iron Man 24664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

Quit denying it,my brother owns an Xbox 360 with laggy a*s Gears Of War 4v4 online with unfair matchmaking and online so quit trying to lie,your making yourself look bad,XGamer aka SurgeryDocDavid from

Panthers4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

GeOW and Resistance are both GREAT games. People will never agree to that though because of their fanboyism. I did not really like GeOW online because of the fact that it seems tactical (3rd person no respawn) but you have to find weapons in the field. Rush to the sniper or shotgun. (I didnt play too much so I dont want to complain.) It was a great game though.

Resistance was fun online too, but just not my type of game. CoD4 is more my style. I will get this game for sure though.

TheXgamerLive4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

It's not me saying that Gears is better than Resistance 2 it's your own forum post. I was mearly "quoting".

As they say, don't shoot the messenger, but it's too late I see.

edit: Thanks for the plug there Kermy:))

dhammalama4664d ago

GeOW an Resistance are BOTH great games.

And how the fuk can you say that Resistance two doesn't match GeOW? It's not even out yet you moron, the only screens are a couple of scans from a mag and what we have seen is on a scope way beyond anything in GeOW.

WilliamRLBaker4664d ago

Gears of war sold more then resistance;)
Gears of war scored higher then resistance;)
Gears of war has more players at launch and now then resistance;)


Ju4664d ago

...and while GeOW was released before Resistance, GeOW2 is nowhere to be seen.

Why do the xtrolls even read (or post) in here. Its not running on the 360, it will not run on the 360 and I cannot see any intention in any of you to go and buy a PS3. Why does that even bother you ?

R2 will be the killer. Insomniac has the highest level of tech on the PS3, they are the only ones who have already released 2 HQ titles for the system, and they will release their 3rd title while some are currently working on their first. Its just pure and simply amazing. Furthermore, all the specs are pushing the limits. The gamescope is currently unmatched, on any console.

fightingILLINI4663d ago

this game will be big fun! if you have a ps3 get it. 8 player online co op. 60 player online matches. graphic, levels, and weapons upgrades. this game will be really cool!

masterg4663d ago

Gears of War is my all time favorite game.
But to say that this game doesn't suffer from serious lag is plain crazy.
It takes one player with a semi slow connection and the game is ruined.
That's just the facts. But man I still love it.
Hope they fix the lag for number 2.

4663d ago
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chrno64664d ago

Is this the first fps that allows 8 player coop? I believe so.

BobDog4664d ago

its deffinatly not the first fps, but its the first fps on any console which allows such

poos34664d ago

this game is sooooooooooooo restrictive as they said u cant play co-op on the single player campaign hahahahahah what a joke ? also there si no vehicles in resistance as confirmed this game will look like resistance 1 i can bet on that

Douche4663d ago

Restrictive? Resistance 2 has more confirmed features in it than any game to date. I'm just curious, you wouldn't play co-op in something that is called a SINGLE-PLAYER campaign, would you? Insomniac have got it right by making a completely separate campaign for those who do want to play CO-OP in a campaign. Now onto vehicles, I'm a bit clueless right here. Do you know jack about Resistance??? Of course there are vehicles in it you bot. Anyone who knows anything about the first knows that vehicles played a pretty good part in the campaign. And it's been said before that even more varieties of vehicles will be in the sequel. And finally, graphics and gameplay. Again, I'm clueless with you. Do you know anything about texture streaming? Or frames per second? Apparently not. Insomniac is completely revamping Resistance 2 with texture streaming that will blow chunks out of GeOW, 60 frames per second (something a GeOW fan could only dream of), along with a heavy focus on the AI and animations. Now if someone of your vast intelligence would say a sequel with these features will look and play the same as the first, then you're a little dipshit. Nuff said here.

BobDog4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

they decided to make a entire new storey for the coop, so u can understand the sp storey line more, i know something you will never understand because ur a fanboy who would never even consider getting more then 1 system even if you had the money, so ur stuck with dvd9

and if there is air combat i reckon there would be some sought of ground vechle combat

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visage4664d ago

I look forward to this game quite a bit.

Greek994664d ago

I hate when Insominac teases us.
Just release couple trailers already.

hotshot1274664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

if there is one game thats gonna be called quote on quote "the halo killer", this should be it.

again, not to take anything from halo but killzone just shouldnt be called it yet.

now about killzone, do i think killzone will deliver? yes

why? because circumstances are different, sony knows what people like in fps's now, they have internal studios to help them and guerilla studios out(insomniac with resistance 2) and dont tell me that they dont get advice.

people are so quick to bring up killzone 1 not being good BUT................. look at the position sony was in then and look at them now.

b4, sony could half ass that game and not even remember it. now they have something to prove and they made there mistakes but they can be fixed now.

and one last thing, KILLZONE 1'S biggest problems were TECHNICAL ISSUES(the ps2 couldnt handle it) and that was its downfall(and it was pretty much a average shooter)

this time around though, i gurantee you sony will deliver with this one.

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