Splinter Cell: Blacklist video -- see Sam's new equipment

Ubisoft gives us a look at Sam Fisher's new gear in Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

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v0rt3x4196d ago

Really looking forward to the return of Sam!

MariaHelFutura4196d ago

I'm just gonna call this guy Rick, cause its not Sam.

OhMyGandhi4195d ago

I've commented on every Splinter Cell: Blacklist article, and this video further proves it:
this is not a splinter cell game. This game is to stealth what resident evil 5 was to true survival horror.

pandehz4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

I always wondered what was the definition of 'stealth' and 'TRUE survival horror' in video games.

I think its conditioning.

Someone defines it and we accept it and then when its redefined we are unable to adapt to that change. Which make me realise, there is no fixed definition with video games as it is a changing dynamic medium in which the reward for real time involvement in a real time game is self understanding of that satisfaction that we get from games. Which of course depends from person to person.

Shadonic4195d ago

Ubisoft actually released an article saying that they had 5 minutes (like ive been saying before this article) to give a glimpse of what has been implemented into the new splinter cell. While most of the things the showed were more of the conviction style did you notice that they brought back the carry bodies option ? or that if you don't want to use cover to cover movement you could just not press a button and just move to where you want to normally? They also said that there adding more stealth oriented stuff and honestly conviction was still a stealth game just that if you did want to go all out you could and there wasent any consequence for doing so. People are over reacting over 5 minutes of a pre build for a splinter cell game that has almost an entire year before release.

OhMyGandhi4195d ago

Regardless of definition, Splinter Cell was a stealth game. One of a handful of games.
It involves the act of sneaking, hiding in dark corners, memorizing enemy A.I. paths, and rarely firing a pistol unless absolutely necessary.
I understand that the videogames as a medium are conducive to change. The creation of genre hybrids is a way for developers to attack more markets.
people who like RPGs or shooters will most likely play a FPS/RPG hybrid. It's more work than sticking with one genre, but is, from a financial point of view, a worthwhile investment.

Splinter Cell is one of the last in a dying breed. Stealth was when you didn't have the ability to mark targets and do backflips over walls. You weren't a ninja, just a highly skilled operative. I wish more games shared this mentality. Deux Ex wasn't 100% stealth nor is Dishonored. Thief is the only other game that keeps stealth a huge priority in success.
You could never go "guns blazing" in the older splinter cell titles without dying or being incredibly close to dying.

The reason we don't see stealth anymore? Too boring for the current generation of gamers. I'm 21 years old, and Pandora Tomorrow was my 2nd online game I've ever played on Xbox Live. I'm not some older man who says "skill is gone in games. Play Galaga if you know what I mean".

Stealth is dying because of the attention spans of so many people. It's getting increasingly hard to entice people to play single player games now without having to thrown in a drop in/out coop mode so they never feel alone.

I wish this was a sort of "reinvention of dying conventions" sort of talk, pandehz. It's not. It's causing one genre to marry another genre to become a hybrid to keep people interested.

iusedtoworkhere4195d ago

Sign the petition if you would like to see Ironside back as Sam Fisher;


Maybe, just maybe, Ubisoft will listen...


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CoNn3rB102d ago

Sam Fisher is evidently the most skilled stealth operative because no-one has seen him in his own game for years

kevco33102d ago

10 years, in fact. He must be, like, 60 by now?

phoenixwing101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

why make an inspired game that takes effort when you can half ass it with multiplayer gaas games and filler filled assassins creed games?

That question up there is the reason you don't see splinter cell games

zarbor101d ago

Yup, another example that Ubisoft has no idea what they are doing.

MIDGETonSTILTS17101d ago

The entire mark and execute system belonged in another game.

It’s cool, but the polar opposite to how Sam Fisher initially handled.

The original trilogy made shooting very, very difficult, yet a viable option, which ultimately motivates stealth.

The mark/execute system makes shooting stupid easy, to the point of why would you even bother trying stealth as an alternative?

FYouDad101d ago

Because Ghost is the method fans of the series actually prefer? IMark and execute is never forced upon the player you liiterally never have to bother using it even once throughout Blacklist.

Tody_ZA101d ago

The sad part is that I actually really enjoyed the last game, Blacklist. It may have lacked the iconic voice but the gameplay was excellent, and blended stealth, action and a mix really great compared to most games, where none of the three options felt like the wrong way to play. I really hope they either produce a remake of the original game or a proper sequel.

Rikimaru-00101d ago

Isn't UBI Soft remaking splinter cell.

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Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Ubisoft, we need to chat. Please, have a seat. Thanks. Ok, so I think you know why you’re here. No it has nothing to do with all those game delays, we’ll talk about that later. What? No it’s not about the Skulls & Bones and Beyond Good & Evil 2 falling off the face of the Earth, just listen. We need to talk about Splinter Cell. Don’t give me that look, you know this conversation needs to happen. The way you’ve treated the series, its fans and poor Sam Fisher himself is sad, infuriating and just plain disappointing and it needs to stop."

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Fist4achin1341d ago

The Fish!!!

I'd love to see a remastered edition of those games as well as something new. It's about time.

UltraNova1341d ago

MGS is done, at least as we know it so it's now or never Ubi, give Fisher the reboot it deserves. And for Gods sake, don't you dare turn Splinter Cell into another Division/Ghost reckon online abomination instead of a SP focused steath action game!

Psychonaut851341d ago

You know they will though. This is Ubisoft we’re talking about

zachyBROosevelt1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

I would love a new splinter cell, maybe even a reboot at this point. Sam Fisher deserves it

Profchaos1341d ago

I think reboot the entire franchise the games were great but every time they try to make him human like a father or something it comes of as unbelievable

hiawa231341d ago

They added damn near every SC game to Xbox1X back compat enahnced list. That is a lot of Sam enhanced and I am loving it, but Sam deserves a new next gen game.