No 2012 launch for The Last of Us, confirms Yoshida

VG247: Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has killed off any chance of a 2012 launch for The Last of Us, telling VG247 it won’t launch this year.

jc485734196d ago

that's a good thing because I need a break from all the gaming. I just need a much more spread game release.

Cosmit4196d ago

No no no. I was really hoping for a release this year! Damn it :(. I didn't get to watch the Sony Press Conference but if The Last Of us would have released this year, they would have told us during The Last Of Us segment. Oh well. Gives them more time to make this game more amazing then it already is!

Winter47th4196d ago

Well fuck you if you need a break from all gaming go update your blog.

God I thought this was actually coming in 2012 this is bad.

Commander_TK4196d ago

Seems fair. It was announced just 6 months ago...

BlmThug4196d ago

Well their are a lot of high quality multiplats releasing this year anyway so ill be occupied to the max already though the tLoU would have been awesome if it released this year

NewMonday4196d ago

my want list for 2012

Amazing Spider-Man
Sleeping Dogs
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
Borderlands 2
Resident Evil 6
Assassin's Creed III
Halo 4

but the things i'm most hyped for are all in 2013:
BioShock Infinite
God of War: Ascension
Last of Us
Soul Sacrifice

TheTrollSlayer4196d ago

Christ, It is a good time to be a gamer.

Kran4196d ago

NiNoNuni* ;)

And i'd have to agree with most of what you said on those lists, minus Amazing Spider-Man, Resident Evil 6, Soul Sacrifice, and I haven't really played much of GoW to get excited for Ascension.

I mean I have BOTH HD collections.... but... yknow. And i've finished GoW1

Cocozero4196d ago

So whats the big PS3 game this year then?

Disccordia4196d ago

I think Battle Royale and Beyond are q4 releases.

BitbyDeath4196d ago

Good question, there are a lot of decent ones like
Dust 514,
Battle Royale,
LBP Karting,
Sly Cooper 4,
Ratchet and Clank FFA
but nothing really BIG IMO

starchild4196d ago

Sadly there is nothing for me on the PS3 this year. Even the crappy 360 at least has Halo 4.

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Chapulin4196d ago

Damn That was my #1 game for this year.

EliteDave934196d ago

aww man! that sucks :/ So no PS3 exclusives will release 2012?

clank5434196d ago

You mean other than the bunch that were already released? No, I guess not. Luckily, there's lots of great third party stuff for this year!

clank5434196d ago

Wait!!!!! Sly Cooper! How could I forget? I can't wait for that game!

Cosmit4196d ago

Well I think both Dust and Playstation Allstars release this year on the Q4. Not 100% though. There must be some other games as well.

modesign4196d ago

apart from twisted metal, starhawk, sorcery, Datura, Yakuza, MLB the show, journey, the ps3 has no exclusives.