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Why Nintendo Land is the most important game of E3 2012

James Bowden explains why, even though you don't want to admit it, Nintendo Land provides an invaluable bridge between the casual and the core that could be invaluable to Nintendo's future.

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Community2378d ago
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firefoxprime2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Wow. The man is SURPRISINGLY spot on. Please. Read the blog. Yeah you'll give'em hits, but this dude actually deserves it.

Basically he's saying Nintendoland is a kiddie casual game for casual gamers right? But within each minigame, is stuffed with appealing Nintendo IP's and more importantly "core" gameplay experiences. Its like the ultimate bridge from casual to core gamer. I'd explain more, but just it out.

Personally, Watch Dogs won E32012 hehe. TLoUs and Beyond tie for a close 2nd.

stuntman_mike2378d ago

Watch Dogs was my game of the show aswell, TLOU and Beyond were my other favorites too.

stuntman_mike2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

they come to a big gaming show were everyones showing off thier best games and all Nintendo can come up with is a mini game of luigi running around a maze, or a mii dressed as zelda shooting targets....get lost Nintendo.
and all of that could of been done on the Wii, they made thier new console irrelevant.

eagle212378d ago

The conference was not exciting but that has nothing to do with how each individual game they showed will play. You honestly think they aren't making more games? I bet the plan was to wait because they'll need ammo in the months after launch as well as next E3. WiiU launch games on paper have appeal. I woke up looking for Pikmin 3 details.

I would have loved to see more big AAA WiiU trailers but sometimes waiting for too long after announcing something epic, makes gamers start to get restless. They weren't ready to show them and i'd rather see them closer to their release. It sucked yesterday but what's done is over today. 3DS has news today.

stuntman_mike2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

we all new they had more games and annoucing them would have been much better than most of what was shown in that conference.

you can sit there and say "oh i rather wait until closer to release" but that aint the point of E3 it's to show the future wares of gaming to get us interested in what they are doing next. they didnt even mention the Platinum game until later and that was stifled.

also i'm not condeming the WiiU its an awesome machine with a great interface (MiiVerse) it's just the conference that was horrendus and their choice of games to show.

PopRocks3592378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

The point eagle21 is making is that yeah, the conference sucked and they completely misrepresented some of the games there. For example, it seems they made Nintendo Land seem a fuckload simpler than it actually was and I'm even more disappointed in them for that.

With that said, apparently Nintendo Land is actually a lot more promising than Nintendo made it seem at their own conference. Also, he does make a good point: Imagine if your favorite company, Microsoft or Sony, released one game from every killer app franchise in their disposal. There's no way you could buy them all at once.

For Nintendo, we have Pikmin 3, ZombiU, a New Super Mario game and a slew of old and new 3rd party titles. Not HUGE, but it's not bad either. Next we have a possible unannounced Zelda and the current Retro Studios project. I mean, it's Nintendo. Remember the 3DS? All it took was a little time for the quality content to come out.

Tundra2378d ago

I'm pretty sure everyone wanted 20 minutes of Zelda HD instead of Nintendo Land. So yeah it was important... in the process of killing Nintendo's show.

cpayne932378d ago

I thought it would be too early for another zelda, but man was I hoping for a new metroid. Love the metroid prime games, want another. :(

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2378d ago

I agree with him.

Miiverse sounds like a sub-MMO and I think that is what they are going for. They want to make a bridge between Casual, Core, and Gamers.

The also want the Facebook and App appeal that the casuals love.

I knew that the NL had potential but as Nintendo says Playing is the proof.

SO FAR, Hands-on reviews are mostly positive. Too bad they could not have conveyed that in the Press Conference.

2378d ago