Jackass the Game DS Reviewed by IGN

Red Mile Entertainment and game development studio Sidhe Interactive produced a PlayStation 2 and a PlayStation Portable rendition of the MTV "stupid stunt" phenomenon, Jackass. And apparently, it didn't turn out all that terrible according to the reviewer of that version. However, the Nintendo DS game, produced by Sensory Sweep Studios, is not that game.

Conceptually the game goes in a cool direction. You've got huge open worlds in a 3D environment. You've got ragdoll physics that cause your on-screen persona to flail his limbs when he goes unconscious after a particularly nasty fall. You even get a couple of mini-games like Dodgeball outside of the main progression. Yes, conceptually it shows promise. Shame the entire production's dogged by sloppy programming and a development team going far beyond its and the system's capabilities.

Overall score: 4/10

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