Every E3 12 Press Conference Recapped, Rated

The crazy press conference part of E3 is now almost over, but if you missed it so far, here’s what happened. - PSLS

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Lifewish4020d ago

I think you have Nintendo rated a bit too high and for what, Pikmin? Come on now..

neutralgamer194020d ago

B minus for nintendo just like Sony lol hahaha plz stop it. Some ppl just love to bs. Nintendos was like a C plz but i see this moron is under tge Mario effect.

izumo_lee4020d ago

"The Vita was also completely ignored, casting doubt over how much support the platform will receive."

Does Sony really have to reveal every single title ever gonna be created to satisfy these guys? They mentioned there are over 40 titles that are playable & another 60 on the way before the year is over. The system was released just 4 FREAKING months ago give it some room to breathe geez. It is like having a baby but expecting it to graduate from college at age 4 months old.

The scores are pretty much spot on but i agree with Lifewish. Nintendo is rated a bit high for showing Pikmin (which is cool), year old games, & a theme park simulator.

SilentNegotiator4020d ago

Besides....a version of AC3, COD:BO, cross-platform All-stars....

"Completely ignored"? LOL

SJPFTW4020d ago

Besides Halo 4 the only other interesting thing from Microsoft`s lackluster conference was the voice command integration in Madden and FIFA. For a guy who plays sports games especially NHL 13, voice commands and voice recognition is really a revolutionary step for the sports simulation genre. I only have a PS3 at the moment and I wish EA finds a way to utilize a similar feature for its PS3 games using the PS-EYE /EYE-TOY / w.e you call it