Dust 514 gameplay walkthrough E3

Hear how Dust 514 will set itself apart from other shooters.

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Pintheshadows3305d ago

I'm still hoping i'll get into the beta. If this is as good as it looks I wont need any other shooters for a while.

HammadTheBeast3305d ago

Already in it, and it's amazing.

Pintheshadows3305d ago

You lucky SOB. How does it feel to play on foot? How are the vehicles? What size are the maps? What's the interface like?

I have so many questions.

modesign3305d ago

24vs24, and i thought this was a MMO,

HammadTheBeast3304d ago

Playing on foots fun and killong people actually takes skill, not just aiming and shooting. Dodging plays an important role too. Vehicles are good, but controls kind of suck for land vehicles, the dropship is fine though. 24 v 24, but sometimes there is 32 v32 servers for testing. The amount of customization is incredible though. Did you sign up for the beta?

Pintheshadows3304d ago

Yeah, i'm really hoping I get in. So are my EVE playing friends who are curious and want to know more.

SKUD3305d ago

I would of rather seen this during Sony's conference then wonderbook.

Pintheshadows3305d ago

Me too man, me too.

This is looking like Planetside for PS3 so i'm unbelievably excited.

arbitor3653305d ago

this game will easily give the PC Free2p games a run for their money. It looks like MAG on steroids. I cannot wait to get into it

ThanatosDMC3305d ago

I hope the chat function and squad mechanics is like MAG.

modesign3305d ago

i would rather have planetside 2 on ps3.

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