Metal Gear Solid Series Wrap-Up and MGS4 Analysis

Gameplayer has gone live with a detailed look at the convoluted narrative of the Metal Gear Solid series, followed by an analysis of the new features coming the fourth and final game in the series.

"Series creator Hideo Kojima has stated on a number of occasions that it will be the last Metal Gear Solid game. He's also said it will be his last Metal Gear Solid game (a subtle distinction, but important nonetheless). Then again, he said MGS3 would be his last, so maybe he just likes toying with the fans. Either way, it seems that MGS4 will be Solid Snake's last appearance; to explain why, a little Metal Gear history may be needed."

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Shaka2K64668d ago

Hideo Kojima is a god.

i cant believe this will be the last MGS game the best series in the history of gaming, im gonna miss it alot cant wait for the best MGS yet and MGO.

Iron Man 24668d ago

MGS4 is the definition of a next-gen game,PS3 exclusive baby,now go and cry yourselves to sleep at night Xbox fanboys

Daver4668d ago

MGS4 will certainly be a VERY good game but i dont know if it will be the game of the year... theres way too many good games coming out in 2008... there will be a lot of competition

liquidsnake4668d ago

I'm a die-hard MGS fan and for me, MGS4 will automatically be the game of the year. I couldn't give a f*ck if the game was a sidescroller and black and white. All I care about is the amazing story and voice acting that is completely untouchable by other games.

SlappingOysters4668d ago

I am not a fan of the MGS series, I have found the stealth elements a little too frustrating. But after reading that even I'm frothing to get into it - sounds wicked!

Kain814668d ago

You missed somthing.
The best Story i ever played on a action-adveture game.
I have played all 5 parts expect the MG2: snakes Revange cause it was not a Sequell. The real Sequell was on MSX (Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake)

Blakzhuk4668d ago

Metal Gear Solid won't even sell 1 million in it's first month. It's an old outdated game and yet you Kutaragibawlornaments think it's the second coming of god. Only the Xbox 360 could sell a million units of a game in the first month. It's the only true HD gaming system in existence and it's smashing Playstation 3 sales worldwide. Sony has lost this generation.

Jump in!

mighty_douche4668d ago

gamers lost this generation to pi55y little fanboys who think a quality of game should be judged on sales figures.

As long as me and my friends have it, why should i care if it sells 10 or 10 million, I DONT MAKE MONEY FROM SALES and nor do you.

Kain814668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

sorry but in my eyes you are not a Gamer, maybe a 5 years old Child (a Cry Baby) get play with your Matchbox cars boy leave the real gamers alone

mighty_douche4668d ago

MGS is KING!!!! im so excited to get my hands ont his.

Anyone know if you'll be able to change charactors in the cut-scenes like you could in MGS2? i used to love changing snake/ninja to an old women.

predator4668d ago

there must be something wrong me, im not to bothered about this, i remember wanting mgs2 so much, even got the demo with a mag (boat)
completed mgs3 but hardly remeber what happened, i just cant seem to get hyped for this game. i want gears 2, alan wake more oh and ff13.

maybe when the time gets closer i might

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