PlayStation Vita 1st Party Titles For $19.99 At Wal-Mart Canada Include Unit 13, MLB 12, More

If you want to pick up some cheap PlayStation Vita games right now, Wal-Mart has select first party titles for $19.99, $20 off.

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BringingTheThunder2379d ago

all worth picking up... except little deviants

Axecution2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

They all say 29.99 except ModNation :/

Soldierone2379d ago

Actually i would go check your wal-mart even if you are in NA. Went to my local wal-mart, not all of these were 20 bucks, but a good amount of them were. Was really tempted to pick up lego harry potter even though i have absolutely no interest in it lol

coolasj2379d ago

Wipeout registers as $20 on the US Walmart site. I'm reserving it for pickup for tomorrow :). Definitely going to check up on MLB and Unit 13 while I'm there.

CommonSenseGamer2378d ago

And this is why Sony needs to discount more aggresively on PSN. How can physical media cost less than digital?