IGN: Need for Speed ProStreet PSP Q&A and first screens

Need for Speed ProStreet launched late last year across most every major platform, but EA has kept the PSP version hidden away in the garage while it applied a custom paint job to the portable title. The game is beginning to make its way to the starting line and should be race-ready next month.

To find out more about the game, IGN fired off a number of questions to Gregg McGillivray, assistant producer on the title.

Gregg McGillivray on the differences between the console and PSP versions: "The PSP version of Need for Speed ProStreet is, at its core, a portable edition of the console version that includes many of the same features, including full Damage Modeling. The major difference is that this version actually has quite a bit of content exclusive to the PSP, such as Driver Intuition, Driver Personas, and Speed Mode."

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