Video Games Live Concert Announces 40 Shows for 2008

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By Chris Kohler | January 17, 2008 | 4:40:08 PM

Video Games Live, the orchestral video game music tour around, has announced that it will put on at least 40 shows this year around the world.

The concert series, which presents arrangements of music from Super Mario Bros. and Sonic The Hedgehog to Final Fantasy and BioShock, will run concurrently with special events like Game Developers Conference and San Diego Comic Con, and visit worldwide locations like Taiwan, Germany, and Mexico - the latter concert held in a 7,000 seat bullring.

Rumors that Tommy Tallarico plans to fight a bull during intermission have not yet been confirmed.

The full schedule is available at the VGL website.

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i_like_ff74663d ago

If they play one winged angel like last time, im soooooo going!!!!