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If you've just been aching to get your hands on Propaganda Game's upcoming Turok title, the wait is finally over. Even though the game doesn't ship until February 5th, a demo of the game is available in the latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine. This game is not necessarily a sequel but rather a reboot of a franchise that was desperately in need of some fresh innovation, and hopefully Propaganda games will end up delivering. In the game you play as Joseph Turok, a member of the FNG military unit that has been sent to another planet in search of a war criminal. As luck would have it, the planet happens to be infested with dinosaurs.

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boodybandit4664d ago

I wish my download would go faster so I can play it already.

cain1414664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

Last time I looked thanks to OXM North America doesn't get this demo on XBL...

ErcsYou4664d ago

i just finished playing the turok demo....its craptastic

Close_Second4664d ago

I got the previous Turok game (Evolution) on the PS2 and it was a dire experience. The graphics suffered from terrible framerates, the draw distance was extremely short. The whole game had a budget game feel about it.

games4fun4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

it wasn't that bad the fact that the dinosaurs can actually be manipulated with the alt fire for flares is good i usually fire one near an enemy and let the dino do the work (if dino comes near me it will have to die too tho)

i'd give it a 7 but in my grading scale a good game is an 8 (its just missing some key polishing and a smoother gameplay mechanic)the basics are all there for a descent game

Cusco4664d ago

It was a poor demo. The weapons are generic, the voice acting is mediocre, the dinosaurs look cool but they just keep coming at you like there's no tomorrow and you don't seem to die. I felt it was almost unplayable at some points, just being dino-rushed constantly. The graphics are on par with any other next-gen game (not uncharted quality, but no game is), sound is poor, weapon is nothing exciting, a person next to me said "what the hell is this crap" during the demo. I played for about ~5-7 min, then deleted. Maybe you'll like it, doubt it though, I'd rather have some DMC4 already.

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The story is too old to be commented.