Did Ubisoft Just Win E3?

"So, after several amazing presentations and perhaps a few mediocre ones (hello, EA and Microsoft), I’m left with mixed feelings..."

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NYC_Gamer3303d ago

Watch Dogs stole E3 this year no doubt

NastyLeftHook03303d ago

watchdogs was great looking on pc.

LOGICWINS3303d ago

I expect it to be great looking on all the platforms it comes out on.

Hisiru3303d ago

Only PC and MAYBE WiiU (we still need to see specs).

thorstein3303d ago

Watch Dogs, Last of Us, Dust 514,

But I don't get the Question... I didn't realize E3 was over. They need to update the E3 site/ sarcasm

saladthieves3303d ago

E3 is done, and of all the people, the French stole the show.

ShinMaster3303d ago

So I guess whoever "wins" is really dependent on each individual.
Personally, I liked Sony's E3 better than Ubisoft's simply because of God of War and Last of Us gameplay footage, unveiling of Beyond and free monthly full PS3 games for Plus.

thorstein3303d ago


Indeed, I am going to have to buy a larger hard drive.

da_2pacalypse3302d ago

They really win by default... The other conferences were overall very weak... This year's E3 was probably the worst in quite a number of years.

GamingPerson3302d ago

what about this star wars 1313!

SilentNegotiator3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

"E3 is done, and of all the people, the French stole the show"

Isn't that one of the signs of the apocalypse?

It's pretty sad that Ubisoft had one of the best showings; they usually stink.

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ATi_Elite3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

everyone is all excited about Watch Dogs (except me)!!!!!!

1. still not convinced the game play is fully open like GTA. that demo seemed way too scripted.

2. That was the PC version. The consoles will NOT look like that. Ubisoft should of shown a console version instead.

Everyone's presser seemed the same. Cool game to start and end with, with a bunch of FILLERS in between.

to me Sony won! That Move Book thing looks really good for kids.

LOGICWINS3303d ago

1. It's not supposed to be. It seems to be a much more focused adventure than GTA. Did you hear any dev say that it was supposed to be open like GTA?

2. BF3 on PC being the best looking version of the game didn't stop people from getting the game on consoles. I'm sure it will look fine on consoles as well. AC3 is open world and it looks incredible on consoles. The game is coming out in that time, the console version should be able to surpass the demo we saw graphically.

TLG19913302d ago

finally someone else making sense. the game was extremly scripted, not that its bad, not bad at all. but people will be mislead and disappointed.

iv'e said this so much on here but its assassins creed 1 all over again making it out to be something its not then when everyone plays it its disappointing because they was expecting something else.

but im sure the game will be amazing either way
and sony won for me last of us won by a clear mile, if you realy think about it watch the videos back a good set of times and you will see how amazing it is and how scripted watchdogs was

lastdual3303d ago

Yeah, most of the other big titles (TLoU, Halo 4, etc.) we saw coming. Watch Dogs was a total surprise, and the rest of Ubisoft's lineup wasn't bad either.

xCaptainAmazing3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

I might be alone, but Far Cry 3 was game of show for me. Extremely compelling and mature content themes through that sucker. It was amazing. Watch Dogs was a sucker punch out of nowhere though, great stuff.

There are plenty of games that were equally awesome. It's too hard to pick one, but when you open your demo with tits and eroticism in general and have it for a mature and psychological reason, I feel you get some major bonus points.

LOGICWINS3302d ago

"I might be alone, but Far Cry 3 was game of show for me."

Your not alone. I feel the same way. Its a tie between Far Cry 3 and AC3. FC3 needs to polish up that co-op though, it seemed a little tacked on to me.

Nimblest-Assassin3302d ago

I think its because we were so starved for surprises... since every new game was leaked in some form or capacity right before their shows.

But watch dogs was a huge surprise. Looking forawrd to that game, but I think it stole the show based on it surprising everyone, and the fact it looks really goood

lelo3303d ago

Yep, Ubisoft had the best show.

Ubisoft > EA > Microsoft > Sony > Nintendo.

Commander_TK3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )


How is he a fanboy by saying that? But I think MS and Sony both had equally good shows. Ubisoft won. A lot of variety of games was the key for them.

TekoIie3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )


Yeh he's clearly an EA fanboy/s. IMO they had the worst conference on a serious note...

Also notice how he puts MS before Sony and is therefore a fanboy... Other way round is apparently the only logical possibility.

mugoldeneagle033302d ago

The whole "What you don't wanna get whopped by a big black girl" comment.

I mean I personally didn't give a fuck and thought it was hilarious, but I'm sure some suits somewhere might throw a fit over it.

She was great though, as were a lot of the games they showed. Can't wait to see more about them

vortis3302d ago

You don't think "Girl-wood" was the deal breaker?

Nimblest-Assassin3302d ago

Last of Us
Watch Dogs

Unfortunately sony dug their conferences grave with the long wonderbook presentation... but hands down Ubisoft won e3... which surprises the crap out of me everytime I think about it

Kudos to them

S_C3302d ago

1st - Sony/Ubi
2nd - Microsoft/EA
3rd - Nintendo (EPIC EPIC FAIL)

unknownhero11233302d ago

call me shallow but when i saw those wind effects at the beginning, i was already in love. The gameplay looks very promising and I can't wait to see more of this game in the future.

humbleopinion3302d ago

I already said it myself on a previous comment on the game:
It's a 110/-10 for anything VS Watch Dog. Nothing on this show even came close to the stunning graphics of this game.

Not to mention, besides their own show, some of the best games on the MS/Sony/Nintendo show also came from Ubisoft.

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LOGICWINS3303d ago

With a combination of AC3, Far Cry 3, Watchdogs, and Blacklist...yes, Ubisoft had the best conference.

Gorilla_Killa_X3303d ago

Agreed. And a huge improvement from the wacky showing last year.

LOGICWINS3303d ago

^^Yeah, can't wait for the co-op reveal. I'm buying all these games on launch day :)

ShinMaster3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

Who "won" depends on the games one cares about.

To me, the only game from Ubisoft was Watch Dogs, which was great, but not enough to win me over Sony's conference.

TENTONGUN3302d ago

ubisoft has always been my favorite. glad to see them still kickin ass

Venox20083302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

don't forget Rayman: legends and ZombiU

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Eamon3302d ago

I'd say it's a close win between Ubisoft and Sony.

Ubisoft definitely did surprise this year. Was probably their best year too.

Microsoft and Nintendo were just seriously bad. Their worst years since I started watching E3 in 2007.

Aloren3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

MS, Sony, and Nintendo were all more or less equally "bad". I'd say EA was even worse... Ubi was actually the only very good conference this year.

PtRoLLFacE3303d ago

everything was great, besides the shows host, a pair of retards

Fez3302d ago

I liked Charlie from Friends. She was really confident (and extremely fit :P). And the guy was harmless.

PopRocks3593303d ago

My order.


How the hell is it that Nintendo and Microsoft had such underwhelming shows? Heck if I know.

StreetsofRage3303d ago

To each its own I guess. I personally feel Microsoft had one of the best. Halo 4 was amazing and my game of E3. What was so special about Sony's? That wonderbook was a snoozefest. I was hoping for The Last Guardian and nothing. And even The Last of Us kind of underwhelmed me. The game play and AI looked simple. Same shooting mechanics as Uncharted. Meh! The new God of War game is the only thing that saved Sony for me.

3303d ago
pwnmaster30003303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

Halo has the same shooting mechanics wth.
Imean what kind of shooting mechanics do you want from last of us.atleast the gameplay is totally different, if it wasnt for halo. Ms conference would of bombed

Also the gameplay and ai does not look simple at all.
The lack of anything in the game looks good, making it seem more survival. Also with no regenerating life bar makes it harder. Also I like that when he gets injured like even shot at, you can see his reaction, like he is getting hurt. Also one last thing. I love how the ai reacts. When he ran out of bullets, when he held the guy hostage and even the guy begging for his life.
This game is very mature

StreetsofRage3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

Yes Halo's gameplay is still the same shooting mechanics. You are right. I give Halo 4 a pass only because it's a sci fi game and you're able to get "different" from new creative sci fi enemies.

Where as in Last of Us. It's just "wait till the bad guys stick their head out and shoot, than repeat" The additions you mention are cool but the core gameplay is the same old gameplay I been playing for years. The holding the guy hostage has been done many times before.

pwnmaster30003303d ago

You only seen one gameplay of it.
Your still forgetting humans arnt only the enemies in this game. Halo is probably my favorite game, but if it gets a pass for having "different" enemies, then this game to sinse it doesnt only have human enemies

Bladesfist3302d ago

WTF have you ever played halo. Which version only had human? please tell

StreetsofRage3303d ago

I was really hoping for something next gen and only Watchdogs came through.